Parliamentary delegation graciously water marshes inclusion on the World Heritage

2016/7/19 15:37

[Where - Baghdad]

Honored Water Committee and Agriculture and marshes in Parliament on Tuesday, the delegation included the marshes in the World Heritage list, the Commission shield in appreciation of their efforts.

A statement by the presidency of the Commission received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Tuesday, that "the MP for the Bloc citizen and the head of the water, agriculture and parliamentary marshes Furat al-Tamimi Karam Prime negotiator Hassan al-Janabi shield of the House of Representatives / the Committee on Agriculture and marshes Parliamentary their outstanding efforts drawers marshes within world Heritage list of UNESCO and vote in the light of these challenges experienced by the world as a whole and for each of their negotiations and discourses that prevailed understanding and wisdom by the government of the Iraqi delegation. "

The President of the Commission Furat al-Tamimi, according to the statement that "the tremendous efforts made by the delegation deserves praise and thanksgiving because they have signed a global victory for Iraq added to the victories of the Iraqis that Astroha against extremist groups Aldoaash," pointing out that "this work is not fortuitous; it is the hard work by the Commission charge lasted for years in order to be no justice for the people of the south. "

He added that "this achievement would not only stop at this listing, but requires that intensify all efforts and energies and by the local government and relevant authorities in order to provide all the services to the people of the region and its recovery because it will be an economic source equivalent of oil in terms of resources that promote the economy of Iraq."

The UNESCO has ratified yesterday Sunday to join the marshes and archaeological areas in Iraq on the World Heritage list.

Thus, Iraq will have eight sites to the World Heritage List, as listed Iraq over its history four sites only and Assyria, Samarra and urban and Castle of Arbil, in addition to the new which is ur Laredo and the Warka, in what is the fourth natural, a marsh.

This will ensure that natural reserve of Iraqi sites, and provides the possibility and placed under the guardianship and protection of UNESCO, the United Nations and defined internationally, and will help to social stability and raise the economic level of the population.