The launch of the second installment of the subsidy of social protection for 850 thousand beneficiaries

2016/7/19 14:23

[Where - Baghdad]

The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, on Tuesday, launching the second installment of the subsidy for social protection in 2016 for the month [April and May and June.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Labour Ammar Menem, in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today that "of the Ministry of Social Protection Agency released the second installment of the subsidy for 850 thousand beneficiaries of the categories of men and women in Baghdad and the provinces."

He added that "for the second installment of the subsidy of social protection of financial receivables amounted to more than 255 billion and 334 million dinars have been sent to the Rafidain Bank was required to complete the procedures and configuration for granted, adding that the ministry launched a batch since Monday."

He Menem said "the number of those who fired them financial grants subsidy amounted to 849 thousand and 531 beneficiaries in Baghdad and the provinces, of whom 402 thousand and 119 men category, and 447 thousand and 412 women class in Baghdad and the provinces, adding that the body stopped subsidy for those who did not consult the outlets the ministry for the purpose of updating data. "
Menem stressed that he "can subsidy beneficiaries who fired them to review the ATM centers to receive their dues through the smart card."

He said Menem "Those who fired them subsidy are those who happened statements ministry completed their procedures with respect to audit tax and settling accounts and change the address operations", adding that "social protection body and through the efforts of all staff and employees worked to overcome the problems and obstacles to ensure no delays in the launch installment payments to the beneficiaries, but it was delayed due to lack of adequate insurance payment by the Ministry of Finance and the amounts. "