Central Investigation incredible confessions gang tried to defraud the victims of the bombing of Karrada

Ratified the Central Investigating Court, on Tuesday, specialized issues of terrorism and organized crime, the confessions of a gang whose members Bmaholthm admitted defrauding the victims of the terrorist bombing of Karrada.
A judiciary spokesman Judge Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar, in a press release, " The Central Investigating Court ratified sayings gang admitted she tried to defraud the victims of the bombing of Karrada through managed to make them that they are being detained at the security points."
Bayraktar said that "one of the gang members phoned the wife of a shopkeeper near the scene, was employed taxi driver has, has not been found on his body after the explosion."
He explained that " the accused claimed that he worked for the security agency, and the victim Reserve has and can be released to meet with a financial amount of 60,000 dollars, was reduced after negotiations to 50,000 dollars."
Birqadr He added that " the wife told the security forces , the situation has been ambushed a gang on Canal Street , where the place was agreed upon to collect the ransom."
The Spokesman outlined that " the victim 's brother has put money in a bag and carried black gang Bermaha request by the wayside."
As Bayraktar said that "once you put their hand on the gang members were reported caught by the security detachment according to a decision issued by the competent judge", he stressed that " the case is currently pending before the Court in accordance with Article 456 of the Penal Code as a case of a scam."