Ebadi presides over a meeting of the reconstruction of the Karrada district

Chaired by Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, on Tuesday, a meeting of the reconstruction of the terrorist incident anywhere in the Karrada district in the presence of the relevant government agencies officials and representatives of the people of Karrada and the victims of the terrorist bombing in the region.
During the meeting to discuss the reconstruction measures at the blast site and compensation parents and families of the martyrs and coordination with relevant government institutions on this subject as well as cooperation with donors from the private sector to facilitate the disbursement of compensation and reconstruction of the damaged in the blast.
It was also stressed on the intelligence effort and activating volunteer committees of the people of the region and which are under the supervision of the security authorities in addition to the checkpoints in the region and the rest of the areas of the capital and tightening civil defense measures in buildings.
The meeting also discussed to give the utmost attention to the wounded and the actions taken to care for them and the formation of a working group in one place to facilitate the families of martyrs transaction procedures.