The government pays "merging ministries," the law to remedy the chaos of reform packages

07/18/2016 (21:01 pm) - The number of readings: 120

BAGHDAD / Wael blessing

Strong objections waiting for the law the government sent to parliament to adapt the previous procedures merging and abolition of a number of ministries.

Considered specialized committees in the House of Representatives that "the project merging ministries Act" reveals a violation of constitutional, because it came later on the actions already taken by the government before Nhuaam.

But in spite of that Parliament may decide to approve the "project" to save the government from legal embarrassment that signed it.

And canceled Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, in August 2015.11 Ministry within the first government following the issuance sudden reforms package voted on by parliament later.

This included cancellation of the Ministry of Human Rights, run by Mohammed al-Bayati that a Turkmen Badr bloc, and the Ministry of State for Women's Affairs, headed by the minister of the Kurdish and the only woman in the government statement Nuri, and the Ministry of State for Provincial Affairs and the House of Representatives, which was headed by Ahmed al-Jubouri, the governor of Salahuddin present, the Ministry of other state-of-the share of one of the Kurdish groups.

It also included the integration of the Ministry of Science and Technology, which was headed by the only Christian minister Fares Jajo, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Health, and the Ministry of Municipalities and the Ministry of Construction and Housing, and the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities Ministry of Culture reforms package.

The government has raised questions about the changes then cause an exception limbering for a number of service ministries that usually accused of failing procedures and managed by the ministers belonging to the major political forces.

His former human rights minister Mohammed al-Bayati Abadi strongly attacked the decision, felt that reform "can not be achieved the abolition of the Ministry consists of 20 employees, such as the Ministry of Women."

The minister of Turkmenistan revealed, told him, that his ministry "has 1240 employees only."

Turn Qutaiba al-Jubouri, the former environment minister, Ebadi called for a review of its decision to merge the ministries of environment and health, and to stop its implementation.

Christian blocs also criticized the removal of the only representative in the ministerial cabin. Christians and politicians said that the government of al-Abadi is the only government in Iraq that excluded Christians since the monarchy.

The measures came Abadi, during the months that followed the launch of reforms packages, to severe criticism, because of the ambiguity of the fate of the ministers and staff, and the consequences that necessitated the abolition of ministries Qguanaha parliament passed in previous sessions.

The government violated the Constitution
The government sent recently to the parliament a draft law of 6 items to legitimize the integration of the Ministry of Science and Technology with a higher education, and the environment with the Ministry of Health, in addition to the integration of the Ministry of Tourism with the culture, and municipalities with housing. The law also confirms the abolition of the Ministry of Human Rights, which was established by order of US administrator Paul Bremer.

The draft law on the transfer of formations those ministries, with all of its obligations and assets, to a compact with the ministries, while on the rights and property of the Ministry of Human Rights to the Finance Ministry, which was vetoed by Hassan Turan, a member of the legal committee of parliamentary, demanding the transfer of the Ministry of the rights of employees rights and all the obligations to Human rights Commission and not financial.

But the draft law provided for in (Article III / III), that "the government has constituted a committee to the duties and functions that were carried out by the Ministry of Human Rights."

But Attorney Tauran stressed, in connection with the (range) that "the government violated the constitution, which is trying to remedy the breach of this law, which took place in it."
He criticized a member of the parliamentary legal committee that the government cancel and merging ministries and move out those actions and then send the laws to confirm anecdotal evidence previously.

Tauran called on parliament to "attention to the breach, particularly since the government canceled the ministries they have a window laws such as the Ministry of Human Rights."

Article 4 of the draft law to "cancel Ministries laws: human rights, the environment and tourism."

Cemetery scientists!

In turn, described the Knight Jajo, and former Minister of Science and Technology, the integration of his ministry at the Ministry of Higher Education as a "destruction and not a reform."

Said Jajo in an interview (range) yesterday, "can not be that the government abolish the Ministry of task such as science and technology line or two lines," he said, adding that his ministry was "has provided many services to researchers and professors, they did not find literal translation of the Ministry of Higher Education."

And saw a Christian cabinet minister that "the government do not know what you want so far behind the abolition of Science and Technology, or reduce other ministries," he said, adding that one government adviser told him that "the government believes the Ministry of Science and Technology as a graveyard for the scientists."

And it threatens to cancel the Ministry of Science and Technology to end a number of agreements and joint business concluded by the ministry with different countries.

MP says Hassan Turan that "important projects were operating under the Ministry of Science and Technology in the case of the mass graves, and treatment is Almnfqlh bombs and chemical weapons."

And it reveals the Turkmen deputy of the existence of complaints made by employees of the ministries and other obsolete CDs, because they do not get salaries.

According to the officials, who spoke for (range), the annexation of 11 thousand employees of the Ministry of Science and placed at the Ministry of Education will cost 400 billion dinars last a year, due to the different payroll system between the two ministries.

Is parliament the government save?

In the same context, MP reveals Messenger Abu Hasna, a member of the parliamentary committee of the regions, for the merging of ministries Act will have effects on the future transfer of powers of the ministries to the provinces.

Abu Hasna said, in an interview with the (range), that "the bill will face strong objections, because of the need to see the deputies survival of some ministries that have the financial returns such as tourism, which has not allowed merging."

And it refers Member State law that "the transfer of the powers of some ministries to the provinces does not mean canceled, as stated in the draft law which abolished and merged ministries".

Despite these objections, it is expected MP Hassan Turan go blocs to raise the "embarrassment for the government," and proceed with the legislation of the law amending some paragraphs.