Electoral Commission surprised by a parliamentary move to solve it and warns of a constitutional vacuum

2016/7/18 19:54


It expressed the Board of Commissioners of the Independent Electoral Commission very astonished calls by some members of the House of Representatives seeks her to collect signatures in order to dismiss the Commission, "and warned of a" constitutional vacuum ".

According to a statement of the Office Agency has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it on Monday, "In this difficult situation, which is going through the country and submits it to the unknown reasons and Marib under the different styles of the pressure and began to those voices demanding to dissolve the Commission resound at a time when the Commission has made great strides to conduct provincial elections according to constitutional and legal durations note that the remaining period is several months of the current session of the Council. "

The statement added that "the Board of Commissioners hopes of these statements or moves in that they do not enter the door of the pressure in different ways because the Commission led the important and vital role in the completion of the last electoral benefits, which produced the current parliament and form a government and this is the basis for the legitimacy of the current political process, which is leading the country and conducted in With political and security conditions difficult was some question in the completion of this benefit. "

He pointed out, "The Board of Commissioners is working under the light he understands the concern of some of the doors are open to all proposals, ideas and inquiries will be answered in a professional and transparent UNHCR was surrounded legitimacy and legal obligation under the law as well as tributes obtained by the religious authorities and the United Nations and major powers good reputation gained after the management and organization of the electoral process and that's what gave a strong impetus to move forward in communication with all the political blocs and stand with them at the same distance and this Maazz its strength and its ability to meet the challenges and harsh conditions they faced and accomplished entitlements with devotion and dedication.

Some media said that "76 deputies have signed so far for the issuance of a binding of the House of Representatives to dissolve the current election commission and the re-election of independent figures for positions where the Commissioners decision."