UAE company wins contract year in the Zubair field with more than $ 61 million

2016/07/18 18:30


Granted (ENI Iraq BV) Italy, on Monday, a secondary contract at the Zubair field worth $ 61.5 million to an Emirati company specialized integrated engineering designs for the projects of oil and gas systems.

And won the UAE company (Drake & Scull International), specialized integrated engineering design, mechanical and electrical construction and infrastructure projects, oil and gas, which is based in the emirate of Dubai-based systems, to hold a secondary in favor of the company (ENI Iraq BV) Italian working in the Zubair oil field worth $ 61.5 million , to create a water pump network in the Zubair oil field project system in Basra, which is supervised by the Italian company, according to the website (Trade Arabia) economic news topics.

Under the terms of the new contract, the UAE company will carry out the functions of supervision of the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) system pipelines supplying gas to the power plant, as well as water, which includes water pipes, pipe main flow, and stations assembly and acts of control valves in the wells pressure systems, which that will facilitate oil extraction operations, where the installation of the equipment operations began and the transfer of manpower to the project site, which is expected completion early 2018.

And the transfer of economic position of the General Manager (Drake & Scull International) Oil and Gas Faris Khatib as saying that "winning a contract Zubair oil field is an important addition to the quality of the series of the company's projects in the area, which falls within the framework of the secondary cooperation with the company (ENI Iraq BV) Italian" .

He said Khatib, "The contract is the second with the Italian company in the Zubair field after a decade in 2012 accomplished through a project to extend pipeline was completed in 2015 on time to him," she returned to "experience the previous successful experience with the Italian oil company ENI in Zubair, It will represent a solid pillar for the completion of the new contract form in which it amounted to the highest levels and the deadline him with the beginning of the year 2018 ".