Central Bank announces issuance of commemorative banknote to mark World Heritage list marshes included

18 July 2016-3:17 pm

Baghdad/Iraq News Network-

the Iraqi Central Bank decided to issue a commemorative bank note of the Marsh, on the occasion included a number of Iraqi archaeological sites in the World Heritage list. The Bank said in a statement on Monday: "decided to issue a commemorative banknote to commemorate this important event" Congratulating "at the same time the Iraqi people on the occasion include marshes and artifact in the World Heritage list.

It is said that the World Heritage Committee of the United Nations Educational, scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) approved Sunday, to include the archaeological areas and marshes in Iraq on the World Heritage list, Three cities were approved and four of old Iraqi marshes to the World Heritage list after the record received the request made by Iraq to support a number of States.

And she was Sources in the Iraqi delegation participating in UNESCO Conference, Istanbul, referred to earlier, that "both Iran and Turkey and France objected to the Marsh included on the World Heritage list, banner, "Iran has intercepted for geographical reasons, Turkey objected to water and environmental reasons, and France indicated that it oppose the inclusion of the marshes because Iraq is charged with vandalism.