Reap Marsh patience to join the World Heritage list.

2016/7/18 16:16

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}/report/harvested Iraq marshes, Sunday night, bound to the World Heritage list, the fruit of patience to suffer through years of Jihad against the ousted regime, drying and destruction being embraced responders to dictatorship and recorded a national stand at their side.

The World Heritage Committee voted in the United Nations Educational, scientific and Cultural Organization during its meeting in {UNESCO} 40th session held in Istanbul today, agreeing to join the marshes and a number of Iraqi archeological sites to the list {world heritage}, believes that international protection as well as provide water share, thereby preventing exposure to drought and dry again.

Rebounding is a marsh, a chance to activate the agricultural sector and tourism, as well as livestock where they live, what constitutes support of Iraq's economy under the financial crisis require State resources diversification and dependence on oil.

National power promised inclusion on the World Heritage list, Marsh, national achievement, calling his investment to stimulate sectors that can be invested.

Historic achievement

He said the Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim, to insert a marsh within World Heritage list emphasizes respect for the role of world civilization and the positive contributions of Iraqi in March of humanity ", noting that" it confirms Iraqi spending went towards building a future where time fighting villains vaaa aldwaash about the future. "

While the President Fouad Massoum, thanked the heads of States that voted on this resolution, praising the efforts of the Iraqi delegation to the meeting of UNESCO, "returned this great historic achievement.

The price of Prime Minister Haider Abadi, the Iraqi Government group's efforts include marshes and archaeological areas in the World Heritage list, stressing that Iraq is a country district and cultural depth would guarantee him continuing where civilization despite barbaric terrorist gangs committed destruction and demolition of heritage and archaeology.

For his part, back speaker Selim Jabouri, approve the inclusion of world heritage Marsh, an emphasis on cultural and civilizational Iraq standing between the world and sends a message that this country despite all the challenges, still possessed of much cultural contribution.

The current leader, Ammar al-Hakim, revered during the past years, launched the initiative for the protection and recovery of the Marsh and the reclamation of agricultural land.
UNESCO was Sunday voted to join Marsh and archaeological areas in Iraq on the World Heritage list.

Prompt demarcation of the marshes as new County

In turn demanded the National Alliance mp Ibrahim Bahr, insert the marshes on the World Heritage list, for the delineation of the marshes as new County, stating that "Iraq achieved a victory of environmentally and politically and diplomatically in insert marshes on the World Heritage list in UNESCO meetings in Istanbul.
"While we appreciate the pause and the world's sympathy with us asking the Presidency of the Council of representatives of Iraq to include this victory on his agenda and host a negotiating team to discuss and pass a law that supports this big victory for his investment in the way that serves Iraq and the provinces concerned

Critical reaction to ISIS

For his part, back under the Ministry of culture and tourism and Antiquities Taher Al-humoud, insert the marshes and archaeological sites in the World Heritage list is a triumph of national identity, valuing the efforts of the negotiating team and positions of UNESCO members vote for the Iraqi request, and decisive response represents me outrageous practices carried out by the forces of darkness and the atonement of the destruction of religious monuments and sites in a number of areas of Iraq, which tried to blur the historical and cultural identity of Iraq.

Cruise Kiss

With the Ministry of water resources called for action to make the world tourism Kiss Marsh after inclusion in the World Heritage list.

The Minister said shammari optimizer "pros that many great event, and we have to deal with the adoption of the world heritage Marsh level of professionalism to prove to the world that we are worthy of this trust and this privilege." , Adding, "we should stand as civilized, make Marsh Kiss world tourists as he highlighted world after desperate villains to this area from inside and outside Iraq and on previous historical periods, most recently last year 2015 when they cut the Euphrates waters once and for nine months and reduce the Tigris outside income limits

Gain wetti

The House decision said Imad yokhna, congratulated Iraqis UNESCO vote include archaeological sites on the World Heritage list, to join the international community will support Marsh., indicating that "UNESCO vote to include artifact on the World Heritage list is completed and a win-win situation for all Iraqis."

"This vote will be the envy of the world, Marsh would need support from the international community, resulting in extensive agricultural and environmental recovery reflects the new reality of the marshes that represent all Iraqis."

The importance of including Iraq marshes lies within the World Heritage list by not allowing any State source of water to cut or reduce water quotas affecting marshes, and will not allow any Iraqi Government marshes under any excuse.

As he would not allow any {international} military conflicts as the wars in the marshes, and won't allow any influx of living there, as well as protect endangered birds re their reproduction by providing a stable water environment, and increasing biodiversity where there are species of birds and fish are not there for her like in the world, and create jobs for local residents in the development area, the delivery of education services and energy for the region and the economic advantage of the investment process, and contributes to the increasing numbers of foreign tourists to it.