DHI Government unveils plans to increase electricity provider resources

2016-07-18 12:04

Special balance news

Local government in the province of Dhi Qar, Monday, plans to increase electricity provider resources, including thermal power adapters and invested monument.

Public services Committee Chairman said Rahim alkhakani, the balance/news/, to "keep trying to find ways to ensure that energy projects at such a time and utilized as future strategic plan, including the replacement of the line downstream next year sandstorm Basra, as well as 400 station monument in Shatrah.

"Alkhaqani," Thi complain of lack of resources supplied electric energy "," pointing out that "seek to increase import ports and energy supply through neighbouring provinces or by thermal energy investment, as well as through the 400 lines in disillusioned conservative conversion converter 400 (v k) during this period will be implemented jointly maintain and Ministry."

He continued, "the development of the energy resources of the five recently pitched transformers Eli t 5, add to the next province of Basra Rumaila, which provides maintenance for 100 mikawat, and also a line (Meyssan Rifai) which provides the province with 100 MICA."

And the Chairman of the Committee that "there is cooperation with the Ministry of electricity for the purpose of implementing those projects to eliminate bottlenecks and supply electricity conservation".