It led the failed military coup in Turkey to stop traffic through the Bosphorus for a short time last Saturday

Turkey is an important point in the global trade of oil and gas

Turkey is a transit president of oil and grain points, in addition to being a consumer of an important primary commodities such as gas, gold, and is the Bosphorus a major international waterways crowded to transport oil, and pass through the Straits of more than three per cent of global supplies of oil, or three million barrels per day, mostly from Russia and the Caspian Sea, where express waterway 17 miles long, linking the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea and down to the Mediterranean.
The attempt failed military coup in Turkey to stop traffic through the Bosphorus for a short time last Saturday which said the world's large and increasing Turkey's importance as a conduit for the transit of commodities between Russia and Central Asia and Europe. And "according to" Reuters ", he closed the strait that ships navigate through it also huge amounts of grain from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan to world markets for several hours for security reasons, and shipped about a quarter of world grain exports from the ports on the Black Sea. The Bosphorus of the most difficult waterways in the world, as it does not exceed the width narrower part of the half-mile, and cross-strait about 48 thousand ships annually, making it one of the busiest waterways in the world, according to the US government, and the right of merchant ships crossing the strait freely in peace at times Although Turkey claims that it has the right to impose regulations for safety and environmental purposes. And avoid pipelines Bosphorus for the transfer of 700 thousand barrels per day of oil from the views of the Caspian Sea, such as Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan states to the ports of the Turkish export on the Mediterranean Sea, including the port of Ceyhan, said a group led by "BP" British operates oil pipelines and gas extends from Azerbaijan to Turkey through Georgia: the cargo did not stop. The port of Ceyhan is also deemed to be the last leg of pipeline stretching from the semi-autonomous Kurdistan region in northern Iraq and transferred about half a million barrels a day, said a source close to the Kurdistan oil export operations, said that the crude is flowing as usual. In addition to its role as a transit center, Turkey is itself a consumer is very important commodity, come between the top five countries consuming gas in Europe on an equal footing with France, and the Ankara refines less than one million barrels per day of oil slightly making it one of the seven largest consumer nations for crude in Europe on an equal footing with the Netherlands, and its oil comes from Iraq and the Caspian Sea, Iran, Russia, Turkey and imported gas, mainly from Russia, Iran and Azerbaijan. As Turkey is the second largest importer of Russian wheat after Egypt, has bought three million tons from July 2015 to May 2016, and imports Ankara also barley and corn through the ports of Russia on the Black Sea, it is expected that Turkey imports 4.3 million tonnes of wheat in the current season 2015 - 2016, down from 5.95 million tons in 2014-2015.