Jaafari: We will continue efforts to include other historic cities on the World Heritage List


Said Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al - Jaafari, on Monday, that the diplomatic efforts will continue in order to Iraq 's other historic towns inclusion on the World Heritage list.

The Committee of the UNESCO World Heritage held in Istanbul on Sunday evening to approve the annexation of the three ancient cities and four from the Iraqi marshes to the list of World Heritage register.

Jaafari said in a press statement, " The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and for some time working with the government agencies concerned other on the inclusion of marsh and urban archaeological under the UNESCO umbrella which means secure international protection for them , " adding that great efforts have been made ​​in this file by the presidency and the presidency Ministers and the technical Committee, chaired by Foreign delegations negotiating formed, and delegations of the ministries of health, environment, culture, water resources, Iraq 's ambassador to UNESCO and the governments of the provinces concerned. "

He explained that " the Iraqi diplomatic invested all bilateral meetings and dialogues with various countries of the world had they responded well to be successful was to vote on the inclusion of Iraqi sites on the World Heritage List on July 17 , " revealing that "strenuous negotiations with Iran have reached a bilateral agreement to support Iraq . " .

Jaafari said that "contacts were continuing even during the meeting in Istanbul with Turkish Foreign Minister to support the Iraqi demand , despite the circumstances experienced by the neighboring country , " noting that "Iraq is a country of history, archeology, heritage and that his request to include a number of sites on the World Heritage list was a project has been approved that".

He continued that " the Iraqi diplomatic and stakeholders will continue its efforts for the inclusion of the rest of the other historic cities and access to international support, congratulating the Iraqi people , this great historic achievement."