Turkey arrests campaign affects more characters

In the context of continuing arrests of those involved in the campaign of the attempted coup in Turkey, gave the Turkish security forces in the last hours, the arrest of 12 military senior officials at least the rank of general and admiral.
The "Turk news" Monday July 18 channel, that these soldiers were arrested on Sunday evening at the request of the Istanbul court on charges of "attempting to perform a military coup," and " the attack on the president," and "deliberately killing people."
The arrests came as part of a campaign launched by the Turkish authorities , a campaign to "cleanse".
This was quoted by "Reuters" a senior security source in Turkey, that a number of senior military officials who participated in the failed coup attempt, fled abroad.
The source pointed out , that the Turkish security forces are still looking for many of the soldiers who participated in the attempt to seize power, and their weapons in a number of Turkish cities.
He was earlier arrested Brigadier "Genghis Qaraja my" air base commander in the fifth city of Amasya Merzifon time state (north).
Turkish security forces also arrested 70 generals and admirals of the Turkish army across the country, within the framework of the ongoing investigations into the failed coup attempt.
It skipped a number of detainees in the state of Istanbul Turkish 2,400 people. Turkish security sources reported that the number of suspects in the failed coup attempt in Istanbul, is on the rise, noting that among the detained civilians and military and security elements.
Turkish police also stopped seven of the workers in the leadership of the Konya air base the third state (center) , including overflights commander "Mustafa Erturk."
Security sources said that the security operation at the base are still ongoing.
Turkish authorities also arrested 114 judges and attorney general, along with 60 other military rank of the generality of the country.