Baaja: the presidency of parliament to respond to the request Front reform on the amendment of the Constitution

BAGHDAD - balances News
Between the MP for the Reform Front Mansour Baaja, on Monday, he said that since the formation of the current government has been agreed to form a committee for the purpose of rewriting some of the paragraphs of the Constitution and consideration in order to be consistent with the current situation are drawn.
He said in a statement obtained Baaja / balances News / a copy of it, "The committee was given a period of time in three months, but unfortunately did not complete their work so far, due to a set of data that influenced directly on the subject." He Baaja "The Front called for reform in the last project, the formation of an Instant Commission, the restoration of this paragraph that have been frozen for two years, has responded Presidency of the Council of Representatives to this matter and decided to form a committee within two weeks time." He noted that "the political blocs must provide their representatives to participate in this Committee during the above period," calling for the blocks to accelerate to "provide their representatives to participate effectively committee rewriting the constitution and modified." He Baaja, said that "there are some paragraphs have been formulated according to the wanted parties, the Front reform will strive to change these paragraphs, what commensurate with the current situation of the country and in line with the interest of the general people away from political parties and blocs and quotas abhorrent." Front and demanded reform in the reformist paper presented last week in Article 25, including the activation of Article 142 of the Constitution and for the formation of the Committee on the amendment to the Constitution and within the periods Aldsturih.anthy 29 From: Flaih slain