Legal representative: to amend the constitution will be submitted to the people for "referendum" on whether or not to accept it

Special - balances News
Parliamentary Legal Committee revealed on Monday that a committee to amend the constitution is composed of members of the various components of the political blocs and parties participating in the political process and elected at the current session. The committee member said Salim Chawki's / balances News /, "The committee is composed of members of the House of Representatives elected in the current session, which will form the amendment to the constitution, it could potentially experts with the approval of the Presidency asking for the use of their expertise in materials and paragraphs of the Constitution to be amended." He said Shawqi, that "the vote on the amendment will be the prerogative of the House of Representatives, and it is then presented to the Iraqi people for the referendum on the amendment," explaining that "the committee amendment will be one of the members of the House of Representatives and will be voted on them in Parliament and submit the names during the current week." The House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, has asked the heads of the blocks provide the names of the members of the Commission to amend the constitution during the current week to vote on them and direct their work during the period of Asbuaan.anthy
From: Flaih slain