Citizen: 19 members is required to lift the immunity from them, three of them at the current session

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MP from the Bloc citizen Salim Chawki, Monday, revealed that 19 members is required to lift the immunity from them three of them in the current session. He said Shawki's / Moszen News /, that "the subject of absences some lawmakers and lift the immunity of others during yesterday's session did not mention names, all were identified 19 members of the previous session had been asked to raise their immunity some of them ended its membership and remained three of them are still present in the current session. " He said Shawki, said that "the subject of truants and lift the immunity by some of Representatives has been referred to a parliamentary committee will study it, and then presented to the House of Representatives for the purpose of voting." He said Shawki that "there are signatures from some lawmakers, the number of colleagues believe that there are members of parliament have transgressed the law and the Constitution and submitted requests in this regard," noting that "the number of the 19 deputies put forward as a number, not names." Shawki denied that "there is a specific number of deputies who will be lifting their immunity or know the names so far, because of lawsuits or request from some politicians and their deputies who are separated because of absences." The head of parliament Saleem al-Jubouri had put three options were selected option, which states that the absences file referred to the Committee on Legal Affairs and member of the Committee to study and make recommendations to the Council for the purpose of decision Atakad file. It is said that a source revealed seats provide lift the immunity of the right of every Mishan Jubouri high Nassif and Junbad Kasnazani and Abdul-Karim al-Samarrai Kasnazani and Mutashar and Mohammed al-Jarba and Akharan.anthy House requests From: Flaih slain