The Iraqi Parliament constitutes a Committee to amend controversial clauses in the Constitution


The most controversial part is expected to change material article 140 for Kirkuk and the disputed areas, as well as those related to oil and gas.

Baghdad: Iraqi Council (Parliament) Commission on Sunday to amend the Constitution, with political blocs called to submit the names of their representatives on the Committee, and the names of the nine member Commission to lift their immunity, for different reasons.

He said the legal Committee member of Parliament Saleem Shawki "House Committee to amend the Constitution." Noting that "constitutional articles to be amended is controversial material."

Iraqi Parliament speaker called on Selim Jabouri, a parliamentary Committee to amend the Constitution Dim candidates to be formed within a week.

Al-jibouri said during a parliamentary session Saturday held regular within the first legislative term third legislative year that candidates for membership of the Committee would be presented to the Board for a vote.

The Iraqi Constitution adopted in 2005, several contentious paragraphs up to 18 of article 142, despite the formation of a parliamentary Committee on time, headed by Vice President of this Parliament, Humam Hamoudi, but did you resolve these points.

The revised points needed in the Constitution to a referendum by the Iraqi people, according to the Constitution, the right of three provinces set aside any constitutional article, not conservative or two.

The most controversial articles in the Constitution article 140 for Kirkuk and the disputed areas as well as those related to oil and gas, and other articles including the powers of the President and the sharing of financial resources and the sharing of power and the law of the provinces and the issue of citizenship and personal status.

He sent Board Shogi 9 names to the Committee members to express their views in their immunity, stating that "causes different immunity because of their absences exceeded (for meetings) the specified number, while others craned their lawsuits, and there is a request from the judiciary to lift their immunity", without mentioning names.

Parliamentary sources said that some paragraphs of the Iraqi Constitution Amendment intended to "eliminate the sharecropping abominably."