"Pharaonic" digs two wells to increase production to 120 million feet daily gas

2016-07-17 at 08:34

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Official sources said the petroleum and mineral oil, pharaonic company started in end of may dig "tort 8", explaining that the well of sand layers composition of Kafr El-Sheikh.

The sources added that these layers from the albliosin era the foreland development zone in the Mediterranean Sea, referring to this agreement within the conventions administered by the holding company for natural gas Egas.

The sources noted that the company continued until the end of April, drilling Centre holes, 16 Hapy to Sandy layers configured Kafr El Sheikh albliosin era habi development zone in the Red Sea, Mediterranean agreements overseen by the holding company for natural gas Egas.

And was recognized for the company's activity, "seventh day" in January, the company revealed several new projects targeted include digging new wells in the third phase of the Eastern Delta project to increase production by drilling wells "habi-16 wetort-8", and placed on production during the first half and beginning of the second half by 2016, which would increase production by about 120 million cubic feet of gas per day.

The company performs West port said port expansion project, which will increase the capacity of the land-based facilities for up to 650 million cubic feet per day, which produced during the 2014-2015, but she continued to produce more than 500 million cubic feet of gas per day for the sixth consecutive year.