Ministry of industry and minerals contract with MEW processed bkabloat 879 million dinars worth of electrical

17 Jul 2016 08:40:46

Baghdad-news today

The Ministry of industry and minerals, said Sunday, her contract with MEW processed electric bkabloat worth 879 million dinars.

The Director of the Center for media and public relations at the Ministry Wahid Kaur in a statement today on news that "your state company belonging to the Ministry of industry and minerals entered into a contract for southern electricity distribution department within the Ministry of electricity for processing electrical kabloat various sizes early this month.

He said that "the company ratified a contract for southern electricity cables production processing requires brains electrical winding measurements and contract value of [879] MTD which came as a result of the fruitful efforts and senior management of the company's considerable through ongoing visits to identify quality products that met with approval and acceptance by the beneficiary and directorates spread across the country."