An armed group holding the hostages in a police station in the Armenian capital

Initial reports on Sunday that the pilots of the Armenian army stormed police stations in the Armenian capital Yerevan and had taken hostages, killing one person and injuring others.

Sources for "Sky News Arabia" that the pilots took a number of hostages to pressure for the release of an officer was arrested on the background of the conflict in Nagorno - Karabakh with Azerbaijan.

The sources added that negotiations are underway for the release of hostages.

The sources said that among the detainees , deputy director of the security forces of the capital Yerevan, Valerie Oosibian, and a number of police, and suspended the so - called "free opposition organization" on the operation as the beginning of a military coup.

The kidnappers demanded the need for the release of all political prisoners, including organized exhibitions coordinator, Geraar Civilian, who was arrested previously on charges of arms trade.

The media said that Mhaliyh had intended Civilian control of government buildings , including the radio and television building with the help of an
armed group.