Calls for parliamentary economic dimensions of the economic file for political pressure

It called on the Investment Committee and the parliamentary economy, Sunday, to keep the economic file for political disputes occurring under the corridors of the House of Representatives, stressing the need to provide adequate safeguards for the entry of foreign investors.
He said committee member Najiba Najib told her, " The country needs a long - term economic plans for freeing it from the financial crisis afflicting , " indicating that "activate the role of the private sector is also an important factor in stimulating the economy."
She said "the government should provide adequate guarantees and appropriate atmosphere for the entry of foreign companies and investors to Iraq , " asserting that "it will reflect positively on the country."
Najib stressed the need to "keep the economy and investment profile for tugging political and auctions that would reflect negatively on the financial crisis that has plagued Iraq."
The government has sought over the years to the activation of the investment side of the country, through the General Investment Authority and its branches in other provinces, in order to revive the economy and contribute to the elimination of unemployment through the activation of the giant investment projects in Albuladd