Capitalism is in the process of globalization (1 2)

Author: d. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh

7/17/2016 0:00

Britain raised and since its affiliation to the European Union in 1973 , two major issues have led eventually to tip the advocates of secession from the European Union, which was confirmed by a referendum 23 last Huzeirn which Acherth are key issues formed the subject matter of the withdrawal, namely:

First: The European Monetary Union , which remained a potent force Britain is far from integration into the monetary union , Europe has weakened the competitiveness of the British economy and the predominance of the balance ECOWAS ( the euro zone) and that this star about mostly about the lack of coordination and genuine harmony between monetary policy , the European Central Bank and monetary policy of the Bank of England and they have attained the stage of the so - called Baltmana mutual.

Second , is the subject of withdrawal of the problem of the flow of illegal immigrants to the British Isles across Europe, with an estimated population today approximately one million immigrants and the consequent social and ethnic problems and compete illegally in the British labor market. It is interesting that this withdrawal is compatible with the demands of other parts of Europe to secede from the European Union itself, and even began to flare, economic and institutional constitutional problematic negative arranged referendum earlier.

In the face of right - wing tendency led by the Conservatives to withdraw from the European Union and supported by the European and American right - wing forces in public, has made the idea of grand unified economic blocs and the current applications and the level of association with the development of capitalism under the hammer disassembly, but that the central capitalist globalization itself has become saturated Bfajakh doubt and uncertainty.

Flagrabh that we are witnessing today new releases of the concept of nation-state or the nation the state - led right - wing forces in the capitalist West , rather than the state-market, as well as promoting racism movements against immigrants from other nations to the Western capitalist center and who Anatonhm strangers, refusing to societal pluralism , cultural and civilizational harmony between despite the fact that the times in which we live is the age of information (ie , the fourth technological revolution-digital and genetic revolution) and is the right age of rapid communication between people within countries, communities and peoples. But the problematic economic and social communication within the global capitalist system , although the speed of the bonds of relationships, it does not mean that the world may tomorrow fusion cuisine in Bodqp small economic and community of the village, but that there is a (alienation) a serious societal owns barriers and breaks and restrictions strenuous and thick secreted by the capitalist system itself and constantly it is stronger than the political border between the countries.

globalization of the ancient ability to communicate historically among the regions of the world, both between the central capitalist covenants Almarquintalah or the old commercial and countries peripheral Kalmstamrat and others, have dubbed the old globalization .oha , in fact, is not globalization, but a pattern production and relations of production, and the bonds of unequal correlations within the global capitalist system is nothing but.

The loss of economic and technological uniformity and equality of power and wealth between the capitalist center countries oceanic since the emergence of accumulation initial capital does not represent only the capitalist system Courier life cycle to profit and concentration of wealth and transferred to the Western Center Whatever changed stages and changed Thorath technological four successive. And between truth and illusion, based question remains: Is that globalized capitalism is something new or a novelty?

, Noticed that as soon as I found capitalism ( the emergence of private ownership of the means of production and the pattern and the relations of production inherent in them) , they were taken to spread globally, .valmlahon Commodores who conquered the oceans and continued their flight from the continent towards other continents in the fifth and sixth centuries ten are , in fact, has painted road map the spread of capitalism Aaltjarah says James Folger (in his book: capitalism / Oxford , 2015) , where they are they prepared the proliferation of ways that capitalism Almarquintalah Aalemya.valmthal of this is the development of marine - Atlantic trade holographic. As it began to catch slaves on the shores of West Africa and came to take them as a productive work sold in farms American continent or the Caribbean fields, no longer the naval ships to Europe , but they are loaded with sugar, alcohol and cotton as the price of slavery and the value of what he produce it those men and women slaves.

while it contributed to the first communications revolution in the nineteenth century through the phone to discover the power of communication that broke the long - distance and contributed to the generation of a pattern of entanglements and trade relations and economic and human ties probably does not differ from the current globalization trends, accompanied by a huge development in the transport ships and trains through the widening use steam power using fossil fuels to move the wheels of ships, trains and make the transfer of commercial goods and raw materials from distant continents to Europe and America more accessible and less expensive in value and time.

thus , the reality of the capitalist system did not differ across the development as a phenomenon of the bonds and links with the remote regions of the world since Almarquintala times during the disintegration mediator century until the present time in order to continue the same question:

is capitalism is a globalized phenomenon of nature?

It can be said again that the words globalized capitalism became sense or common place that Kan restore capitalism itself produce and formulate founded the giant Mntlqatha.valambalg currently flowing mobile among the world markets, which is estimated at $ 5 trillion a day is one of the phenomena of this while exercising companies transitive sexual and multinational management productivity in different countries activities end integration of one product in a different area of Alm.kma the markets for goods and services as well as the markets of factors of production (labor and capital) combine to generate output on a single geographic point despite the spacing between them. this is the facts that encapsulate globalized capitalism and affect the lives of people every day.

However, there are a lot of illusions that encapsulate the idea of capitalist globalization Nevsha.lma, Britain 's withdrawal from Chapkadtha and ties to Europe is the question that makes us to go into a concept called the illusions of globalization , rather than the realities of globalization.

Globalized capitalism: the present and the future , despite the fact that globalized capitalism came expression of a brief to the concept of commonly traded in the last decades of the twentieth century to reflect us that capitalism institutions and its applications have spread to new areas of the world and led to fasten parts together in innovative ways led to shifts in the same world in which we live today, and capitalism became the dominant system and continuous in the future the foreseeable future.

but capitalism itself is still sinking in illusion precluding globalization and in accordance with the objective trends following:

the illusion of the first: see globalized capitalism it is a recent phenomenon associated with ( the digital age -asr informatics) while that capitalism is a global phenomenon since its inception and have been associated geographical Chapkadtha various continents and areas that were still living the era of pre - capitalist because of its technological supremacy , both using the means of maritime transport and transport by rail and the appearance of the phone , and the development of means of communication in the nineteenth century or the use of digital systems in the atheist century Alashran.fahi capitalist attracted to the hotbeds of interests and not towards integration globalized necessarily. On this basis , under the development of the central capitalist separate from its surroundings struggling, both at the institutional level or development .oan segregation is still visible between the world 's first advanced economy and the Third World economy backward until the moment.

Illusion II: claim globalized capitalism that it provided an influx of capital to the level Alaalmi.olkn fact that the money of foreign direct investment and thwarting the real sector capital is still concentrated and by 70 percent in the major central economies themselves, specifically in such as insurance companies, banks, telecommunications and other advanced services sector, which facilitates all bonding strength and dealing within the central capitalist group not exceeding the number today 20 countries rich attractive for foreign direct investment.

While loosening the central globalized capitalism even with her ​​closest surroundings (ie Europe center / such as Germany, for example , does not mean Europe Ocean / such as Greece).

This is the bulk of the conflict and the source of the European panic and fears of Britain 's withdrawal Krasmalah centrality of the club Auba.ochow central capitalist globalization of losing its presence gradually.

Illusion III is split globalization and partiality to the capitalist center industrial parent rather than a multi - lateral with its surroundings furthest. Crisis , energy markets today do not differ very much from the crisis of the financial markets in the recent past when they were hit by the price for the failures affecting the sustainability of economic growth and stability.

The collapse of global financial markets in 2008 , a crisis not different in negative effects on economic activity effects in their countries what exposed him energy markets of collapses price since mid - 2014 to the present time and its impact in the worsening economic hardships faced by her oil - producing countries at present.

Is still advocates for globalized capitalism see it as the only solution to address the serious such as pollution, poverty, disease, malnutrition and growing famine global economic problems .oan there billion people around the world suffer the lack of obtaining clean water .utalma that economic problems and the other does not resolve itself, the one of the difficulties that can not be overcome in today 's world (like mitigating the use of cars and the opening of borders to international trade or improve public health and the face of chronic diseases that surround us, for example) and that no alternative than confront and contain it being the shortcomings and defects to fit in the ethics and principles of the era of globalization.

In spite of that important question remains: Is globalization biased in its policies and working from one end to the capitalist center in the face of the problems of the global economy, especially the peripheral ones?

We all remember that when banks and major insurance had been in New York to a series of bankruptcies and financial meltdowns in the early fall of 2008 , where the United States government was forced to go to the central banks in the developed world, from the European Central Bank in Frankfurt and the end of the Japanese central bank in Tokyo , a urging them to cannibalize the so - called liquidity trap that the global economy cable, so by maximizing cash release (as part of the so - called quantitative easing policy) in order to avert the risk of recession and economic decline by rotating credit and move the wheel of international economic activity.

And forgotten the famous example of the economic leg (Randy Aapennek) in his book Alsaderfa New York in 2009, which came under the title: (atheist and the twentieth century economy), as Randy explains in his likeness, stomatitis globalized economy in a time of crisis, saying:

When you want a frog sitting in a pot of hot water , it will jump out of the pot off for fear of death! But when lying frog relaxing in a pot of cold water Sgunth rise gradually until it becomes severe boiling the frog float dead inside that pot.

Deficit globalization Vscott globalization today in front of the oil market deterioration and the entry of a group of oil into deficit in fiscal budgets and balance of payments at a time still mostly relax in a vase recession and unemployment are destitute or extreme without that industrialized countries take the initiative to provide the hands of immediate assistance in granting Aokarod soft even by means of the so - called agreements monetary exchange in the sense that puts industrialized countries is sufficient and deposits with banks , oil countries for use in bridging needs to face the current financial Haunted, if While globalization is truly multilateral or not.

On the contrary, the sovereign wealth of Mjuah oil - rich countries funds are the source of a hidden struggle between the rich capitalist center and new rich of crude oil and other areas which is not desirable by making the capitalist center holds more than one identity in the definition of globalized capitalism and allow new rich generation of central dominance source world surroundings Almaolm.ojer books about it is (Thomas Bugti) in his book: capital in the atheist and the twentieth century, issued in 2009, when he warned that the central capitalist world will pay the bulk of rental real estate sector in the European metropolises Kawaid sovereign wealth funds investments owns one of them, for example , emir of the oil princes. !!!

But talking about the central globalization excess oil groups in the central conflicts and did not take into account the oil deficit groups. Followed