Prevent civilians from boarding planes to leave South Sudan

Washington condemns preventing civilians from leaving Juba

Condemned the US State Department moves the Government of Southern Sudan to prevent civilians from leaving the country after the clashes that erupted in recent times, while expressed concern about beatings and arrests of some politicians.
A spokeswoman for the US State Department Elizabeth Trudeau Friday that "the United States all condemned the government's actions to prevent civilians from boarding planes to leave southern Sudan or to leave the country by other means." She Trudeau in the official told reporters, "It is unacceptable in light of the situation in Juba to prevent civilians from leaving the country freely," pointing at the same time that "the United States is concerned about the exposure of officials belonging to the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Sudan's opposition to beatings and detention transitional government Temporary".
American spokeswoman of the view that "the situation in the capital, Juba is still fluid, but the United States still believes that it is possible to sit rival political parties for a long time together to restore order," arguing that "the destruction and damage to humanitarian installations and violence against aid workers is unacceptable and must be stopped immediately". While Trudeau emphasized the "urged leaders of South Sudan to stop fighting, and to call on all parties to allow free movement of civilians and provide access for all people in need without hindrance" in. The battles broke out between forces loyal to President Salva Kiir and his deputy Riek Machar in the streets recently using anti-aircraft guns and attack helicopters and tanks that has been reached for a cease-fire. And the payment of fighting the United Nations Organization and some countries to withdraw non-essential staff, while the United States sent an additional 47 soldiers to protect American citizens and the US Embassy.