Fighters from the Libyan city of Misurata / archival

20 dead and 100 wounded from the Libyan army in the battles "Sirte"

Killing 20 members of the national reconciliation government troops have been killed in Libya, while more than 100 were wounded Friday July 14, following clashes with the organization "Daash" in the city of Sirte, according to medical and military sources.
Government forces said in a statement that the fighting broke out Friday after offering troops to the Ouagadougou center, headquarters for the organization, "Daash" in Sirte (450 km east of Tripoli), pointing out that the clashes took place on the walls of the Ouagadougou halls. He announced the central hospital in the city of Misrata (200 km east of Tripoli), the leadership of the government forces Center, the 20 members of the troops killed in the fighting today, while more than 100 were wounded. He explained on his page in Facebook that «the outcome of what was received Misrata Central Hospital of the Martyrs of the architecture Almrsos process forces so far 0.20 martyr». He added that «105 wounded in the process of architecture Almrsos forces arrived at the accident and emergency department», indicating that «wounded injuries varied between simple and medium». The outcome of an earlier reported the deaths of seven members of the government troops and wounding 49 others injured. For his part, the organization «Daash» declared in a statement posted on the site «Twitter», that the two elements, one Libyan and one Egyptian, carried out two suicide car bomb attacks in the south of Sirte targeting a gathering of government forces. Forces loyal to the Government of reconciliation launched UN-backed by more than two months, the process of «architecture Almrsos», in order to restore the city of Sirte from the hands of the organization «Daash», having been subject to control for more than a year. After the rapid progress made by the government forces at the beginning of the military operation, he returned and slowed by resistance of jihadists who launch counter-attacks, especially through car bombs driven by suicide bombers. At the beginning of July, the Libyan government forces declared control over Sbamih important neighborhood in the center of the city of Sirte, and began to move towards the vicinity of the Ouagadougou conference center, where the leadership of the jihadists center. And it was killed in a military operation since its launch more than 260 component of the government forces, more than 1,400 injured, according to medical sources in the city of Misrata (200 km east of Tripoli), leading the center «architecture Almrsos».