Amnesty International in its annual report: Bahrain outbreak of torture and strangulation of freedoms

Organization "Amnesty International" in its annual report for the year 2015/2016 confirmed "that Bahrain continued to stifle freedom of expression, with widespread torture, unfair trials and unfair political opponents continued."
The annual report , which included the human rights situation in 160 countries including Bahrain to overthrow the Bahraini nationality authorities about 208 people , including 9 children have pointed out , and some of them were forced to leave the country.
The organization condemned the systematic torture in Bahrain to extract confessions from persons convicted by the courts , which she described as a lack of fairness, since the court did not adequately check on the allegations of torture and other ill - treatment at the hands of investigators.
The report added that "the Bahraini government continued to stifle freedom of expression, assembly and association, and the increasing restrictions on Internet activities and other forms of opposition," the opposition leaders remained behind prison bars, some of them prisoners of conscience, continued to be widespread torture and other ill - treatment. "