The Ministry of Defence announces the latest developments in the operations breakers

Statement issued by the Iraqi Ministry of Defense responded to al - Harbi media day, Saturday, following is the text:
For the purpose of perpetuating the pressure on terrorist groups, but they miss the opportunity, carried out various pieces of our military hero breakers several operations proactive operations results were as follows: -
Based on the receipt of intelligence information found champions Infantry Brigade ninth Fifty regiment second leadership sixth band (140) of an explosive device and an explosive belt in Bani Zaid area, and in the context and another after receiving intelligence information about a person named Thamer Fadel Kazem dwell Hamid Shaaban area belongs to Daash gangs terrorist, the strength of the first regiment infantry Brigade xXIV band came out above, where the force was able to arrest the accused in possession of a number of weapons and ammunition and after interrogation he confessed to belonging to Daash terrorist gangs.
After clearing the area Allabsp the strength of the Third Battalion of Infantry Brigade 32 eighth band, searched the area where the aforementioned force found the ammunition amassed mono 14.5 mm (679 pack) - hardware 12.5 mm (44 containers) - 23 mm ammunition resistance planes (218 container) - Sniper Stair 23 mm number 1 - Sniper Stair 14.5 mm 2 - different detonation wire types 1000 meters .fima the strength of the X band under the command of the division commander, inspect Harijh area second Tarrah within the northern axis of the Inbar during the inspection process a confrontation with a group of Daash terrorist gangs, where he was able to force killed four terrorists, then was completely area inspection, based on the receipt of intelligence information to the leadership of the band and in coordination with the heroes of the Iraqi air force was destroyed four hideouts of the enemy in Albu Diab area within the northern axis of the Inbar, the destruction of the wheel and killed a number of terrorists , many of them wounded in the axis above.
In another context , it received the heroes of X band (248) displaced between a man and a woman and a child , and (18) of the wheel areas Albu Assaf and Albu - Thiyab and queer Albu Jassim and after you receive them have been sent to the competent committee to receive displaced people in Anbar operations.
Under the leadership of island operations conclusively been killed 36 terrorists and destroy weapons stores and materiel , and the destruction of bulldozers and wheel bearing mono and destroyed five wheels in Qaim, Rawa and cupboard areas, Hit, north of Lake Haditha Dam western Anbar air strikes to aircraft of the international coalition.
While enabling Champions leadership of Salahuddin operations of processing wheel bearing mono belonging to gangs of terrorist Daash in hand Makhoul by Cornet rocket against armor, and suffered terrorist Daash gangs pieces Armored Brigade / 34 band ninth stationed in the Chinese region _ Haditha were repelling the attack and destruction of (3) bearing wheels mono with the destruction of excavators continued to terrorist groups and killed them, while the exposed pieces Brigade / 12 band third federal police within boycotted the blather to attack by Daash gangs have the pieces returned fire strongly and killed 10 terrorists and destroyed an excavator armored wheel type Bagger armored and seized (2) wheel Hummer armored Toyota Adhari armored locally and grab Dushka 12.7mm In another context , it has been destroyed (4) wheels and killed a large group of terrorists after fleeing and hunted down by the military heroes flight, while the total number of families returning the displacement of the province of Salahuddin after perusing the security position in the intelligence of our leadership cell (52 990) family.
And executed Champions Second Regiment Infantry Brigade 25 Command Infantry Division seventeen duty to search and inspection in Mr. Abdullah Aljaon southern area resulted in the discovery of ammunition 7.12 mm caliber ammunition BKC, (4) a Kalashnikov rifle stores, (75) capsule mortar rounds 60 mm (50) propellant charge of the mortar shells, fuses hand grenade, (3) valve collision of mortar rounds 82, (3) fuses used to detonate explosive, map used to detonate explosive, fuse used to detonate IEDs length of 2 meters.