Parliamentary Legal accuses Kurdistan disable the Federal Court Act

Parliamentary Legal Committee accused on Saturday, the Kurdistan Alliance to disrupt the adoption of the Federal Court Act, attributing it to "political reasons , " while the heads of blocs bore responsibility for disabled service laws.

Said committee member Ibtisam al- Hilali in a statement, he said that "all the blocs agreed to pass the Federal Court Act Bsttina Kurdistan Alliance , which is still insisting on the disabled pass the law for political reasons and not technical , " pointing out that " the reform front, and I'm a part of it, is determined to pass laws stalled for political reasons. "

Hilali pointed out that " the heads of political blocs are responsible for many of the disabling nature of the service that are in the interest of the government and the citizen laws."

And it raised the Federal Court Act intercept some of the political blocs in the parliament, where the Kurdistan Alliance insisted on changing some provisions of the law for a vote, while considered by some blocs agree to the
Constitution fully.