Maliki's coalition is the presence of the Saudi ambassador in Iraq "grave threat"


Counting State of Law coalition led by Nuri al - Maliki on Saturday, the presence of the Saudi ambassador Thamer Sabhan in Iraq "grave threat" to the security of the country, calling for "expulsion" and cut ties with Saudi Arabia, while the latter accused Braih "Daash" criminal.

The MP said the coalition Baaja Mansour said in a statement, said that "Saudi Arabia exceeded constant we have representatives of the people expelled Ambassador Thamer Sabhan and the closure of the embassy and then all ties with Riyadh cut , whether on the political or economic level."

He added that " the victories achieved by the popular crowd, especially in Fallujah hated Arabia and politicians Aldoaash."

Baaja stressed that " the survival of the Saudi ambassador in Iraq longer poses a serious threat to our country 's security and political , " adding that " the Saudi sponsor and sponsor of terrorism."

According to all international and local reports the finger at Saudi Arabia of supporting terrorism, especially Front victory and "Daash" of criminal, by facilitating the flow of citizens of
both Iraq and Syria, as well as support Daash logistically and politically.