Business meeting brings together Iran and Afghanistan

Follow-up - the balance of News
It hosted the Afghan capital Kabul on Saturday, the first meeting of the joint trade between Iran and Afghanistan with the participation of Assistant Minister of Commerce and Industry, Crown Afkhami God and his Afghan counterpart Abdul Bari Rehman in conjunction with the establishment of the industrial exhibition for the first Islamic Republic of Iran there? He emphasized Afkhami and Rehman in the meeting on the promotion of economic relations and the removal of obstacles which hinder cooperation as well raise the level of investment. The two sides also touched on the need to expand industries and small and medium enterprises in Afghanistan and benefit from Jabhar Free Zone and promote activities in the customs border points and provide facilities to document trade cooperation. Negligible that the industrial exhibition for the first day will be held under the auspices of Iran Afkhami and Bari Rehman and company with the participation of forty Iranian and an Afghan in Kabul that this would continue for three days. It ended 29/4 e