Workshop searching implementation of the Basel ĞIIğ and Ğ-IIIğ Conventions requirements

7/16/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD - morning
regulates the Union of Arab Banks workshop dealing with practical applications for the management of all types of risk, according to the requirements of the Basel - II, and how policies and measures its own position, so as to enable these policies and procedures of the risk measurement, monitoring and adjusting effects, made ​​on an individual or the level of the banking and financial units associated level .

it will be during the workshop, which will be held in the Syrian capital , Damascus , for the period from July 25 to 28, the risk systems, allowing inventory and measure these risks in accordance with the requirements of the Basel III addressed through approaches Simplified access to the approaches to the most complex, delineation of responsibilities and powers, to inform the board of Directors mechanism and officials in the executive senior management and the relevant committees on all developments relating thereto and the results derived from the measured, right down to conduct tests necessary pressure.

the workshop aims to achieve understanding and accommodate the objectives of capital regulars and identify its components, as well as how to prepare your self - assessment procedure for the adequacy of the capital report (ICAAP ), as well as accommodate the concept of amendments to the regulatory accounting and downloads from the capital, and how the banks applying weights credit risk, operating and market.

The workshop aims to identify the credit risk mitigation , and understand how banks calculate the capital to be allocated to address market risks, and how to calculate standard techniques LCR and NSFR liquidity by the Basel III requirements, as well as understand how conduct stress tests for all types of risk.