UN pledges for the reconstruction of Iraq's Sinjar

July 15, 2016

An Iraqi government official said on Friday that a delegation from the United Nations arrived Sinjar in Nineveh province north of the country, briefed the ground on the scale of the destruction Sinjar in Nineveh province north of the country, briefed the ground on the scale of the destruction

He said Mayor of Sinjar, Mahma Khalil, told a news conference, said he "made a number of demands to the United Nations delegation which visited the judiciary, and delivered a message citizens of Sinjar to the delegation for delivery to the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, to listen to the people of the judiciary and the displaced people and their need for conditions to reconstruction projects.

Khalil added that "our message to the delegation were clear, and are summarized in the request for United Nations support in the definition of genocide suffered by the Sinjar, and the reconstruction of the city, and to compensate her family, and that the delegation confirmed that they supportive of the demands and support the demand for compensation for residents, as well as support the demands of making the judiciary Governorate".

The Mayor of Sinjar, that the delegation called for pressure on the government in Baghdad for not supporting illegal forces which came from outside Iraq, which cause disorder, conditions, and transfer Iraqi official that the UN delegation pledged to allocate the necessary funds to extend the power grid of the plug connector to Owaynat, right down to the hand my years and Sinjar

For his part, he said an activist in the district of Sinjar, improve Chenkali, "The reconstruction of Sinjar operations need to be about two billion dollars, because the majority of the infrastructure destroyed, and that the rate of destruction in the elimination of more than 75 percent, and the Iraqi government to monitor the Sinjar part of the funds allocated for the reconstruction of the areas of the right of destruction. "

Chenkali and asked "to prevent the emergence of any armed militias funded by the state or territory destinations in Sinjar, any weapon outside the peshmerga official bodies forces is unacceptable

The militants "Daash" attacked in August / August 2014, Sinjar and villages and districts affiliated to the Iraqi-Syrian border, and took control of it, and during that killed hundreds of people and all of them Kurds, Yezidis (a group of non-Muslim) and detained thousands of families

The organization then the separation of girls and women for men, children and slaves Okhdhuhn, estimated the government agencies in the region the number of detainees at about five thousand, free less than two thousand girls and women are women, and the survivors are still being held at the militants regulation

And he led the president of Iraq's Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, a large force of peshmerga this year, and was able to restore full Sinjar from the grip of the elements of the organization of the Islamic state.