Member of the parliamentary ages: country conditions have hampered implementation of SOA projects

2016/7/15 15:50

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} said the parliamentary services and reconstruction Committee member Princess Abdulkarim, that the security and political situation in the country hindered project implementation and adoption of laws.

Ameer said the Agency {news Euphrates} that "the Parliament of blocking, as well as the political situation and the war hampered ISIS service projects", stating that "I have a lot of Services Committee only that country conditions had prevented approval."

She added that "we checked with the Parliamentary Committee on the economy and investment in the country's housing crisis, the most important thing can be handled through a residential ventures investment interest through investment".

She noted that its "programme will attend to discuss housing crisis and reluctant projects as well as important laws".

The planning Ministry said in July 7th, intent on undermining the housing crisis by relying on a strategy to combat poverty in Iraq according to the proportions of the population in the provinces.
Ministry spokesman abdalshrh Hindawi, for {Euphrates news}, that "the housing crisis and tackle the core files, and take into consideration for the allocation of State budget allocations rely densities for each region and and spend".

It is said that Iraq is suffering from a severe and continuing crisis because of the high price of housing units Nirvana as well as displaced hundreds of families from their war against the Islamic State to add weight to the other provinces, which requires huge housing projects accommodate the shortage of residential units are sold at affordable prices to citizens.