Commission services of Baghdad reveal proposals for converting agricultural land to residential race.

2016/7/15 15:31

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} body, head, Jassem services alhamidaoi about proposals to convert farmland to race in the capital.

Alhamidaoi said in a statement {Euphrates news} "endorsements and proposals and objections about converting farmland species in Baghdad to abbassiya, there are stresses the need not to finish the greenery, exploiting pieces empty land to be converted to agricultural, residential and kept on them not to strip the greenery.

"Second opinion confirms that most blank areas of Baghdad exploited, you must convert the sex of farmland into residential services are provided to those areas."

The Cabinet was approved in 16/2016 measures to stop razing orchards, farmland, prevent converted to residential land, or changing their use for other purposes, except under certain conditions, stating "approved recommendations contained in item II {paragraphs 1 and 3} of farmland legislation axis contained a prime office book binding number: m. r. f/16/15951, dated 12/11/2015 for all ministries and those not related to the Ministry to provide updated maps on its activities to the Old time; to simplify procedures for obtaining approvals necessary for the exploitation of agricultural land in six months. "

And the Council committed the ministries of construction and housing, agriculture, provinces taking action to stop the razing of orchards and farmland, prevent converted to residential land, or changing their use for other purposes, allowing gender-conversion according to the powers of the Council of Ministers based on the resolution # {1187} of 1982 according to the conditions, the construction is contrary to the basic design, and a piece based on the shape of a residential complex, to be built on a plot of construction materials, the Ministry of agriculture Develop mechanisms to implement the resolution ".