Forming a higher Committee to follow humpback fields appointments file and Pedra by

2016/7/15 16:29

{Wasit: Euphrates news}

Wasit Governorate Council, a High Commission to oversee the appointments file in the hunchback and badra oil, stating that the Committee will monitor the negatives during recruitment processes and achieving justice for all applicants and achieve the proportions approved by the County Council.

Deputy Chairman of the Turkish province of Wassit alghanimaoi, in a statement received {Euphrates news} copy of it today while meeting a delegation representing families of free hand to "provincial Council decided to form a high Committee to oversee the petroleum fields appointments file includes the provincial Council and the Department of work and fleet Center-oil body closely followed by Chinese OASIS company machinery and field assignments oil." Pedra

The decision was made to address the downsides of what happens during recruitment, especially medium and favoritism, "he said, adding that" the Commission will address these negatives and achieving justice and fairness to all applicants for the determination and commitment to legal controls, "pointing to the Student Council Middle oil with an integrated database of ahdab and badra oil in terms of the number of engineers and workers in accurately for inclusion in the newly created database in lwast work section for the unemployed through a consolidate engineering disciplines And workers are referenced to know exact figures or if requested functional scores companies

Alghanimaoi added that "the decision will be implemented immediately in coordination with middle oil body to develop a clear and transparent action plan for regulating mechanisms apply to jobs in the oil fields and giving everyone the opportunity through job advertising in local media Visual

Alghanimaoi listened to the demands of the citizens of the district which included the implementation of the principle of 50% of the appointments to the argiculture, connecting electricity area electricity company in addition to demanding the expulsion of contractors and increase salaries for company workers as their peers in the field operation Center opened Pedra unemployed in the area,
Argiculture pointed by the statement that "there is a significant impact of favoritism in the selection of candidates for posts in ahdab could'nt from certain quarters leading to inequities and fairness in appointments.

The statement said the Chinese project implementing OASIS ahdab currently exploited oil out of wells 404 170 oil wells drilling, equipped with mosquito nets, Russian Brougham seeks to project oil 170 access Pedra barrels through the year 2017.

The production capacity of the ahdab oil reached 160 000 barrels, with initial production capacity rose to oil 40000 badra field barrels total production maintenance 200 thousand barrels per day, having had a total production in the fields this year reached 157 million barrels.