America is considering increasing its military presence in Yemen

US general said that a large US military is considering increasing its presence in Yemen to better address the organization «Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula» based on the momentum against the organization after a successful attack led Saudi Arabia and the UAE on the strongholds of the organization in Mukalla, Yemen. He said Gen. Joseph Votal which oversees American forces in the region, in an interview with Reuters on Thursday, said that a variety of locations may be appropriate for the deployment of US troops, but he did not disclose the possible locations also did not mention the impending recommendations in this regard. He Votal, speaking from Baghdad, «We want to be in. We can work in a more secure environment to focus on the very special task entrusted to us there, which focus mainly on Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula», he added «we will try to deploy forces wherever we could do it better Face". In spite of the important American air strikes, including the strike killed the leader of the organization «Qaeda» in the Arabian Peninsula last year, it has been affected by the US anti-terrorism efforts by the civil war in Yemen that have been developed by government forces against the rebels backed by Iran. The war weakened the rebels, but in the midst of the chaos resulting swept organization «Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula,» the eastern region of the country, who controlled more territory and collect tens of millions of dollars as a result of Mukalla port management third largest port in Yemen. He returned a very small number of American troops to Yemen since Washington withdrew its troops in early 2015 when the civil war broke out. US officials have refused to disclose the number of US troops in Yemen, but said that the number is very small. With regard to Iraq, Votal said that it is expected that the US military asked to use additional troops in Iraq as opposed to the hundreds that was announced this week at a time when the campaign against al-check «Islamic state» (Daash) success. He said the American general «As we continue the campaign ... I think we'll ask some of the additional deployment of troops.» Votal did not reveal any numbers. He said the size of the potential increases in the future is still under discussion within the military circles. Any details about the timing of sending any requests in this regard for the management of US President Barack Obama did not mention. His comments come three days after the declaration of the Obama administration send an additional 560 soldiers as part of efforts to facilitate Iraqi attack to regain Mosul, Iraq's second city. Most of these soldiers will work out of Qayyarah Air Force Base, which restored Iraqi forces from «Daash» last week. Qayyarah and intended to use as a springboard for an attack which aims to restore Mosul. He pointed out that Votal incoming requests will be formed according to the special stages of the campaign / The «we are trying to reconcile our requests with specific goals that we are trying to achieve on the ground.» It will be the restoration of Mosul actual capital for the organization «Islamic state» plans big boost for Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and the United States to weaken the militant group. He pledged to restore Abadi Mosul by the end of the year. He warns some US officials that the restoration of the city without a plan to restore security and basic services and good governance would be a big mistake and are skeptical about the ability of the government in Baghdad on the reform of the sectarian divide that is fueling the conflict. He acknowledged the existence of Votal concerns regarding the features of non-military campaign, but he said he was more optimistic after his meetings Wednesday with senior Iraqi officials, including al-Abadi. He said «while still requires a lot of work ... I left and I feel confident», stressing the importance of military operations by US-backed «positive impact on the political side». Votal He pointed out that after losing «Daash» in the end of Mosul in Iraq and the Syrian city of Raqqa, it is the Americans should not expect a quick withdrawal from Iraq and comprehensive. He said «thing I do not want to do is a declaration of victory and leave afterwards. I think we want to complete the task. » He said that if the fighters Votal organization «Islamic state» go to other places outside those two cities, it is important the presence of US military resources «to ensure that we can achieve that permanent defeat (of regulation).» He said «if there were capabilities we do not need it will pass on. We likewise if there are capabilities we need, and we have no will we ask », describing the evolving campaign that it would not end quickly.