84 dead and dozens wounded in the crowd broke into a truck French Nice

At least 84 people were killed and dozens wounded , including 18 in critical condition when a person driving a truck burst into the crowd on Thursday evening July 14 in Nice , southern France, according to the French Ministry of the Interior.
Kaznov told reporters hours after the attack , which occurred while people watching fireworks in celebration of the National Day of France , "we are at war with terrorists want to harm us whatever it takes."

Kaznov did not confirm or any of the other political leaders who spoke after the attack , media reports indicated that the attacker from Nice residents and Tunisian origin.

A spokesman for the French Ministry of the Interior, Pierre Henry Brandt, in a tweet on Twitter, "it was the killing of the person who was driving the truck, and investigations will reveal whether he had carried out the attack alone."

The French president said in a televised speech that "France under the threat of Islamist terrorism", adding that his country would strengthen its military presence in Syria and Iraq.

Hollande said he decided " to extend the state of emergency three additional months." He is stressing that it will be the deployment of 10 thousand additional security element in a number of places in France.

The French president also pointed out that the police are looking for partners to attack port of Nice.

Hollande chaired an urgent meeting for "crisis cell" after the assault Nice.

For his part, the Office of the Mayor of Nice, Christian Ortrozzi, if a truck ran over a crowd of revelers French National Day (Bastille Day) in the Promenade des Ingles Street, adding that unknown persons came out of the truck after the raid and opened fire on people.

The mayor of Nice said that "armed attack is the worst tragedies in the history of the city , " he said in a tweet on "Twitter": "reign of terror .. We would like to express our sincere condolences to the families of the victims." He added in an interview with the channel , "My FM" The available information suggests that the attack was planned has been planned in advance.
The deputy mayor, Sebastian Aomber, said that the local police had killed the truck driver in an exchange of fire.
French police said they had found in the truck on the identity of the French people of Tunisian origin, was also found weapons and bombs on board the truck , which was led by the bomber.
According to French television that took place in Nice mobilize about 500 police to provide security in the city and conducting search and investigation after the horrific terrorist attack.
According to the channel "BFMTV" French news, the elements of the police and security services and prosecutors and forensic currently working in the French coastal city of Nice in order to gather more information on this heinous crime.
The deployment of the pioneers of site "Twitter" social videos show dozens of people continue to flee in panic away from the truck.
The head of the police in Nice that the attack was an act of terrorism, and on the population to act with caution.