Lebanese newspapers Friday morning 15.07.2016 in Beirut

and Lebanese newspapers Friday morning 15.07.2016 in Beirut several topics, most notably the Cabinet meeting yesterday, especially in terms of the postponement of research in cellular awarding file ..
«Moody»: a negative outlook on the Lebanese banking system
«Cellular conflict»: who controls .. in preparation for privatization?
Ambasserottan newspaper wrote this address Ambassador says " the Council of Ministers yesterday regained the bustle of the awarding of the cellular sector file, which affected the Prime Minister Tammam Salam keep time since last December, on the way over the removal of the oil's three years ago!
Despite the fact that the seven - month period were those involving an explicit violation of the law, it is to extend the Communications Minister Boutros Harb to knobby current operators «alpha» and «Touch» months Vshahra, in concert with the peace (strictly to stop a vital facility), and a return to the cabinet, but that peace had hoped that the time is insufficient to calm the souls in preparation for a quiet discussion of the file.
The confusion that took place yesterday at the Council of Ministers between the two ministers Boutros Harb and Bassil, showed that bet peace was misplaced and that the time to buy is not the best way to address the outstanding issues.
Thus, what the Council reached the fourth item on the agenda, even Ola sound, against the backdrop of delays in tender awarding of cellular operators.
Differences in the interpretation of the agreement , which was concluded in the Council of Ministers on April 29, 2015 on the outline for the book of tender conditions are still the same, after the first tender failed.
If the disagreement title on the experience of developed companies to the wish of the Minister of Communications sector management by global companies are able to transfer to the era of evolution versus the desire of Basil give equal right for all to enter the tender, without impossible conditions, the background of the political dispute regarding the fate of the company «Orascom» Operator's «alpha» specifically: Boutros Harb wants to drop the most prominent influence Center Aounists in the telecommunications sector and «free Movement» wants to install it !
Can you solve the issue and how?
So far, no one has the answer, albeit a war show their confidence that the auction will take place before the end of the year, explaining that it can be made ​​within two months. It is therefore requested permission from the government to be able to extension of the two companies , according to the current need, within a period of nine months at the latest, as it is assumed during the tender procedure and ending the handover procedures between the companies.
In contrast, for fear of a repeat of the failed tender experience (only two companies did not file), which sees the war they caused the failure of politics, the war's «ambassador» revealed his intention in the event of the tender approved, doing a personal effort to make it a success through a tour of the various states.
The first steps taken by the war is proposing modified conditions book, allowing the expansion of fan companies that are entitled to participate in the auction, where he called to allow the participation of communities Companies (funded and technical, for example) or branches of large corporations (was this proposal rejected by the ministry in the tender Previous).
While some smell a deal that allows entry of non - eligible companies to the sector behind the guise of big companies, he stressed the war's «ambassador» that the proposal requires that technical company is to be responsible in front of the Lebanese government on the implementation of the contract, provided that the parent company shall be accountable to the state does not branch, ensuring non - receipt of the sector at a later time by non - eligible companies.
Minister Mohammad Fneish has told «ambassador» that it is in principle no objection to this proposal, stressing at the same time that the dispute is still standing on years of experience which is supposed to be owned by the companies applying for the tender (insist war to be advanced company has operated a network of 10 million subscribers during the last five years, while the other team is the experience requirement is achieved through the company 's advanced network includes 10 million operating line in any of those years).
Fneish also rejected his allies accuse of seeking to block the tender in light of the current political situation, distinguishing between the tender for the management of the sector and between «attempt Alzamna options in the telecommunications sector». This concern is due concern expressed by Fneish in the previous tender time, about « the mentality that the conditions book poses and show that the political team of the Minister of War acted on the basis that the tender is the prelude to the privatization of the sector, and that the companies that will take over management of the sector after the auction, will be the front - runner in the owning sector in the event of a decision of privatization. »
It raised the cabinet meeting yesterday, without any agreement and it was decided that the subject is the first item on the agenda of the meeting following the return of the Lebanese delegation to the Arab summit later this month agenda.
«Moody» .. classification Lebanon negative
On the other hand, the day after the Council of Ministers of Finance meeting, which was broken by alarming numbers but not disastrous, released yesterday, an international report sheds light on the fragility of the Lebanese financial situation, where the agency «Moody» bank credit services expected continued weakness in the operating environment for the Lebanese banks. And he indicated that it will lead to slow credit expansion and increase pressure on asset quality at banks, as well as exposure to these high and increasing banks to sovereign debt.

He held «Moody» Report title «foreseeing the banking system - Lebanon: the weak operating environment .. and exposure to sovereign debt lead to a negative outlook».
Said assistant vice president in the «Moody» Alexius Filipides, «We consider that the high and increasing on Lebanese sovereign debt exposure would be a credit risk a major Lebanese banks in the forecast horizon, will the Lebanese banks also continue to face significant headwinds amid a difficult operating environment».
The report pointed out that Lebanese banks exposure to sovereign debt carries risks for their creditworthiness and connects classified classifies Lebanon (B2 Negative). According to estimates «Moody», will go down the fiscal deficit to 8 percent of GDP average in the years 2016 and 2017, and the government will rely primarily on local banks to cover the funding gap.
Moreover, the rating agency 's real GDP growth rate of 1.7 percent in the year 2016 forecast (in 2015 it was 1.3 percent), which is much lower than the average between the years 2007 to 2010 (9 percent), while the instability regional political conflict and will continue to impact on private investment, and consumer confidence, and the construction and trade sector. This in turn will raise the pressure on the asset quality of banks, with an estimate of «Moody» that loan losses will remain high between 1 and 1.5 percent of total loans, while non - performing loans increased to more than 5 percent of total loans, as she recorded with the end of the year in 2015 an increase of 4 percent.
Despite these pressures, «Moody» notes that capital levels will remain stable on a large scale, with the support of the implementation of the Convention «Basel 3» with retained earnings and limited growth of the asset, as will remain vulnerable to the downside risk.
The rating agency expects to keep the total capital assets remained stable at 9 per cent during the year 2016, a modest level given the difficult operating environment and exposure to the sovereign is very high for banks.
In addition, the «Moody» expected to remain stable profitability, with a net income of intangible assets between 0.9 and 1.1 percent in the year 2016 (amounted to 1.0 percent during the years 2014 and 2015) with the support of foreign operations and margins stable widely useful.

Moreover, solid liquidity buffers and funding based on the depositors will continue to support the stability of the regime in Lebanon. Deposits will continue to grow but at a slower rate, reflecting weak domestic economic growth, given the flows (financial) less than the Gulf Cooperation Council ( GCC ) . Lebanese banks and low reliance on market financing, while deposits funded more than 80 percent of total banking system assets.
"Bile" rounds ignore the economic caveats
Berri: No constituent conference and Taif with all its clauses
Newspaper Alnharotnaolt day internal affairs she wrote , "while the Council of Ministers engaged in one of the debates usual political bile rounds , which often cause disable its decisions or deported, the two institutions two international dailies in a manner correlative classifications negative economic and financial situation in Lebanon would be Asulta more caveats on the repercussions of the political reality that stands in the first place and behind this decline.
The classification was issued yesterday for the agency "Fitch" credit rating , which downgraded Lebanon to b- with a stable outlook as reported by "Reuters". She said , "Fitch" The war in Syria a severe impact on the economic performance and outlook for Lebanon as well as the political risks are exacerbated by the Syrian war and the weakness of the public finances , anemic economic performance. And it predicted that the real GDP growth for Lebanon remains below two percent in 2016.

The second classification issued by the agency "Moody 's " was retained negative outlook to the Agency about the next phase of the Lebanese banking sector as a result of the continued exposure of banks to sovereign debt, raising again the fear of the possibility to witness the rating sector in the coming period , further reduction. And it predicted that the gross domestic Lebanese grow by 1.7 percent in 2016 with expectations of rising continuously for bank deposits, but at a slower pace as a result of weakness of the Lebanese economic sectors.
Council of Ministers
In the meantime, ministerial sources " An- Nahar" reported that regular Cabinet meeting yesterday was "productive" to the extent circumstances permit , thanks to the prime minister management Tammam Salam her and who was able to keep the discussion within the "red lines" with the sharp undecided happened in the file cell. It was decided to move the discussion of the fourth item on the renewal of my contract cell to the end of the meeting where it was agreed to allocate an extraordinary session to him on 27 July of this , which facilitated the adoption of another item at the request of a peace president considering that the implementation of the court order , which approved the request of the Ministry of Communications to open additional provision of a $ 24 billion LP in the budget of the ministry thereto for the year 2016, to implement the decisions of the State Consultative Council concerning the transfer of technicians and Ministry of Communications of the salaries of the technical tables attached to a series of ranks and salaries. Although he won an argument between the concerned minister Boutros Harb on the one hand and the two ministers Gebran Bassil, Mohammed Fneish hand Okhry.fbadma objected last two on the ministry 's request to extend two decades , demanding to return to conduct a tender with the book new conditions replies war on them that he acted the way in which the disposal of his predecessors (ministers "FPM") then the intervention of President asking to postpone the search to 27 of this month.
And discussions involving the political implications, an interception and Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil to delay the application of the decree is still stuck six months ago due to prevent the ministers "FPM" Basil Elias Bossab for his signature which is the appointment of the Director of Drainage interest in the Ministry of Finance, and asked Khalil exceeded objection single component in the government as the former agreement, but ended the debate the intervention of the president of peace and prevented the evolution of the debate that goes back to peace is to send the decree to be published in the official Gazette.
Furthermore, deferred - bit reduced check and collect fines on companies and banks to obtain additional information requests after the finance minister asked withdrawn from the agenda. But ministerial sources pointed out that the intensification of the allocation of extraordinary sessions for each of the thorny issues , along with the repeated deportations per controversial item is reflected in the fundamental aspects of it extends the deliberate disruption to the government , similar to what is happening in the House of Representatives, which feared him that there be a stressful equation meant to circulate disruption "fairly negative"!
Berri and Taif
Amid this atmosphere, it emerged as the positions expressed by Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri , in a speech yesterday at a conference emigrant economy, which has gained significant implications in terms allay fears on the Taif agreement as stressed adherence to the Taif Accord and the importance of full stipulations applied "before talking about any amendment in it . " , talking about the "hold constituent conference" opponent. And as noted the importance of relations with the Gulf countries in particular Saudi Arabia, he added: "We are days they gave us did not deny, but still a lot for Lebanon under the protection of the Arabs."
Bonn: First settlement
Furthermore, the French Ambassador Emmanuel Bonn spoke to " the word of the people" of the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation for his country move regarding the Lebanese crisis program , he said that "France does not have the ability to negotiate on behalf of the Lebanese parties but nonetheless talk with everyone and trying to find the right conditions to be Lebanon in a good position and probably the best on the Lebanese dialogue together to find solutions. "

He said that "Lebanon does not need to (Iranian Foreign Minister) Mr. Mohammad Javad Zarif , or (Crown Saudi Crown Prince) Mohammed bin Salman or even (French Foreign Minister) Jean - Marc Aareault to elect him president, but needs a Lebanese consensus , which produces government good product, parliament and even the time I did not hear any Saudi permit or a French or an American refuses Gen. (Michel) Aoun and the French approach from the beginning was to get a settlement that allows the election of a president for all Lebanese and form a government that represents national unity. "
He concluded that " We must start preparing the content of the settlement before moving to the names of the candidates. Politics is not just personal ambitions , but also a comprehensive agreement that would allow everyone to reassure and provide guarantees to everyone. This argument is necessary because the election of the President of the Republic the need for Lebanon, but the most important is to have a government that works and parliament works. "
The news
Displaced Syrians international funding for «Lebanon alternative homeland»!
Newspaper Alabarkme dealt with news of local affairs , and she wrote , "can not ignore the displaced Syrians in Lebanon file, although the government and some political forces are striving to that, even though the danger increases every day from internal blasting agents, under international trend dismissive of any procedures governing this displacement or to open a serious discussion about this file.
Shed massacre bottom and suicide attacks , which targeted light on the Syrian camp for displaced people at the bottom, who complained of the people of the town since it was settled by the Syrians displaced region projects and began establishing their camp and expanded it to become their number ranges between 20 and 30 thousand, without that official bodies have scientifically census The precise number of real or internal structure.
What happened after the massacre that the political polarization taking the case to another place, to reject the self - Security at the bottom as the Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Latif Derian Eid al - Fitr sermon said. And ignoring the danger of the camp and everyone stretch its population, and the militants «hidden» in the vast border area, what constitutes a continuing threat to the people of the region, to become a political speech undecided whether the target bottom or is it just cross the bridge. Instead of focusing on the development of «Syrian camp», lost re - file in the Traffic files that Taatlhy by the Government.
But the official blindness did not cancel the suicide attacks and the fall of the five martyrs and a number of wounded and fear for the fate of the bottom and top of Baalbek, has spread fear in a number of areas in Mount Lebanon specifically, she started a campaign of preventive measures where there are displaced people and Syrian workers ' rallies. It is the fear justified by the weakness of official bodies and the relevant ministries and the government in dealing with the repercussions of what happened in the bottom and put the displaced, amid a split position of the participants in the government on two levels: first determination of the future to keep the file away from the seriousness of treatment, and the unwillingness of Amal and Hezbollah in any confrontation relating to immigrants than Sunni - Shiite tension of at this stage. And between the two parties stand FPM trying lighting on file in the international community.
Actions taken by some municipalities in the right of Syrian workers that, and what happened in Amchit and its repercussions, and rumors about the action taken is also governor of the Bekaa Bashir Khadr to prevent roaming the Syrians during Baalbek, invitations counter to boycott the festival because of this decision that denied Khadr later reissued, to prove that came embers of the displaced under the ashes, and that the government continues to put its head in the sand, and avoid dealing in the case has become a national priority ahead of other files before the dialogue or the cabinet table, and assume a radical review of all what happened and try to take future measures after Lebanon 's inability to preventive measures . This is not talk absurd, because the information given in recent days , pour not in the interests install displaced Syrians in Lebanon, but also to involve the community in the Lebanese internal conflict over the issue. According to informed sources, confirming international atmosphere to raise a number of Western capitals and financial contributions for Lebanon, not only to keep the displaced Syrians has, but also to provide a semi - permanent residency requirements. This coincides with what is happening in Turkey 's quest to give citizenship to the displaced compared to many of the Turkish International files. And enhance the air after the suicide bombings in a number of European and international capitals, and now aid provided to Lebanon in the ceremonies suggest that they are to support stability in it, while it 's custom for the displaced Syrians through various channels, relief, financial, educational, nutritional, and other titles. And criticizing the authorities responsible do some ministries, including education (affiliated to the Free Patriotic Movement , which launched a campaign to put displaced people), for example, photographed the importance of Lebanon 's cooperation official «educational» with the international community to address the educational situation of displaced, and funding programs for education and to provide schools for them, in while this part is an essential part of a major merger, as happened in some European countries that were quick to receive displaced by the exacerbation of the risk of displacement of thousands of them.
And the seriousness of what is happening, according to the information, is that Lebanon has started to get used to the presidential vacancy, and talk about some societies find the experience of co - existence, and began to get used to «Syrian presence» as new. To promote this atmosphere, international donors and international associations began, according to information, campaign and extensive funding to mobilize local organizations, sometimes under the rights cover human and sometimes under the civil society cover (previously worked in different local files) for the media campaign and the political, social and broad defense of the rights of displaced Syrians , portraying the suffering in Lebanon and the need for Lebanon 's commitment to international conventions to protect and secure the social, health and educational requirements, noting that Lebanese staff members of organizations internationalism and work to pay attention to the displaced people, speak openly in their councils for their unwillingness to be Syrians Bekaa camps leaves , for example, because they «make up the balance» required with Hezbollah in the region.
The interesting local media displaced Syrians highlights and refusing to deal with them racist humanitarian grounds purely appear in contrast to promote the prevention of any practical measures and security with respect to whom the campaign, including not hurt in the only goal of protecting their human rights, despite the fact that security and military atmosphere that was rumored after the massacre bottom and operations raids obtained but also targeted similar gatherings and specific areas in Mount Lebanon and Beirut, it gave sufficient justification Procedures need to take on the Syrian rallies.
According to sources, the politicians and ministers concerned with the file of the displaced are talking privately about you can not do any work in the light of international and UN insistence on keeping them in Lebanon, regardless of their conversion demographic bloc stressful on Lebanese society economically, socially and security. Nor can political forces to agree on a comprehensive and integrated plan to address the international community, not to ask for more financial aid, but also to develop a plan to end the Syrian displacement, rather than wait until the end of the Syrian crisis that could drag on for years. This requires a government plan with the capitals of the UN resolution, and through the Security Council and international organizations, and even with the Syrian government, also poses some involved, which can not be optimistic at all agree upon, when failing to official bodies responsible for final tuning to put displaced people in the towns and their communities, and Acclaim Lebanon's official and rejoices to visit any Western official carrying a bag of money to Lebanon, though the aim was to secure the «alternative homeland» for displaced people, recalling the features of scenarios in 1969, 1973 and 1975.
Disaster Litani and the crisis of Sir Tguethmon cabinet .. and ground against the «constitutive»
ODDS war - Basil defers cell .. The Hanged for non - abuse of power in the municipalities
newspaper Alloabdorha addressed the brigade 's internal affairs , and she wrote , "the mouthpiece of the government appeared yesterday:« Push in the best manner » , which is the best delay and delay to avoid cramps and controversies that would sour the atmosphere of calm required regionally and internationally.
that this conclusion does not obscure to be a cabinet session that saw undecided described communications Minister Boutros Harb , who was a party with Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil, it was undecided a personal nature, stressing that I do not mind taking technical observations if any, but « the issue related to deactivating and continued obstruction», expressing his belief that «real debate will be dedicated to the subject of communications cabinet meeting next Thursday, while revealed ministerial sources told« Major General »that the meeting also will deal with the subject of « OGERO ».
at this time of life the files submitted at the meeting of the Litani basin , which needs to be just a political decision to prevent throw Sandboxes by more than the formation of a ministerial committee to this end yesterday, as indicated by the relative improvement in the the river bed and the cleanliness of its water after «Hezbollah» movement «hope» decided to move to save the river and the waters and villages that benefit from Bakain East and north to the villages located on the banks of the river from its source to its mouth in the Qasimiyah.
But what singled Sir crisis and traffic congestion at the entrances of Beirut , especially from the north and east to the south, including the suburban and commercial streets in the capital , which suffers from traffic jams suffocating despite the high humidity and temperatures, with climate variability is unprecedented in Lebanon, where more than 30 degrees during the day in Beirut, has been formed a ministerial committee comprising security personnel and experts as well as the Minister of Interior and municipalities on Nihat Hanged, not to provide ideas plan, but to put the previous studies that led to the birth of the traffic Act , which put on the shelf after trying stumbling to its application.
While the cabinet meeting ended select three sessions: Monday dates 18 ongoing follow - up to the financial file in the light of the report presented by Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil, who is considered among the «Hezbollah» he can not be discussed outside the sovereign wealth fund and file oil, normal and the second Thursday at 21 which put some files deferred be the third Wednesday in July 27, The ministerial sources have described that it was quiet, and reduced the sparring between the two ministers of war and Basil , who did not exchange the looks, noting that it recognized the items important and postponed other items, describing what happened between the two ministers that he was a discussion, not undecided, but his political backgrounds, and some of the arguments made the two ministers was a technical, legal and others artificially.
for the clause to exempt companies from fines collection confirmed the ministerial source said that this item put up for debate, however , Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil request withdrawn, and when asked by a minister why? He said: Best withdrawn with some ministers found in bits exemption interests of the Treasury requests, and that there is no second option.
As for the person subject of the Litani, refuted ministerial sources , there is no dispute about it, and confirmed that he was raised in the beginning of the meeting by the ministers «Hezbollah », then the ministers« hope »movement, and it was confirmation that the file is not related to a range or certain political forces, and that the House of Representatives is authorized to move this subject, have agreed to form a ministerial committee headed by President Tammam Salam to take immediate action to address that are followed up later in the parliament.
the Minister of public Works and transport Ghazi Zaiter told the «Maj» that the subject of the Litani national is not about a particular party. The minister Zuayter explained that Ttaghirat airport security from surveillance cameras and tractors Bags file moving km planned, speaking of the need to fill the vacancies at the airport through employment, revealing that he raised the issue more than once, and that the peace president has promised to allocate a session to fill vacancies and employment.
Berri: Taif final
politically, was the most prominent positions launched by House Speaker Nabih Berri , who categorically rejected the so - called Conference constituent, and a commitment to Taif, he is better located, calling for implementation by the development, stressing that sticking to it is final, called for a road map to start elect a president and approve election law etc .. saying «we in Lebanon are still summon correct Arab, Gulf and Saudi Arabia relations, except cash with Iran and rebuild trust as the Lebanese and Syrian, Egyptian, Iraqi and Yemeni Bhranih need, as well as Saudi Arabia and Iran and Islamic necessity» and urged to reconsider all laws that limit the movement of money, and remittances from expatriate businessmen, expressing worry about the low 7 billion and a half turning to Lebanon if it stays these restrictions.
in the context of positions, described Head of the Phalange Party MP Sami Gemayel party out of the government that he was « the most beautiful day of his life» he pointed out that the economy minister resigned Alan sage does not conduct business and signed only on the employees ' salaries, pointing out that with a development conference of the political system under the Constitution, and that with the extension of the commander of the army if not for the government to appoint a new commander, accusing the government of colluding with the mafia, and «Hezbollah» and «Aoun movement» of being behind the disruption.
he revealed France 's ambassador in Lebanon Emmanuel Bonn that his country backed Prime Minister Saad Hariri 's initiative and encouraged to comply with the President of the Movement «Marada» Suleiman Franjieh, saying revelations «brigade» from that of the President Hariri that the nomination of MP Franjieh initiative still exists, a candidate for the presidency, noting that the Lebanese do not need to (Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad) Zarif or (Crown Crown) Mohammed bin Salman, not even (French Foreign Minister) Jean - marc Aareault to choose a president, but that Lebanon needs a Lebanese consensus , which produces a good government and a parliament producer, pointing out that even the time did not hear any Saudi permit or a French or an American refuses Gen. (Michel) Aoun, adding that the approach the French were from the very beginning that you get settlement allow the election of a president for all the Lebanese, and form a government that represents national unity. He said Bonn that Aareault did not come to Lebanon , bringing with him a magic wand, but carrying with him the French promise to make every effort to find a solution.
Circulate Hanged
Against the backdrop of what happened yesterday in the town of Amchit raid municipality police to the whereabouts of displaced Syrians, arrest, and then the arrest of the security of the elements of the forces the police, which led to cuts in international road between Beirut and Jbeil for some time, Interior Minister Nihat Hanged issued a circular to the governors request them through it reported to the municipal unions and all municipalities not to abuse the power granted to them when dealing with citizens or displaced Syrians, and dealing with them in a professional and disciplined , under penalty of taking disciplinary measures against abusive and negligent of them, and that they can be to coordinate with the security forces concerned in case of any problem in this regard. the
ministry said the circumstances of the arrest of five members of the municipality of Amchit police, noting that the investigation conducted by a platoon of the security forces Jbeil was building to signal Attorney General judge Walid al- Moallem, and that after the conclusion of the investigation decided to Attorney General Appeals in Mount Lebanon judge Claude Karam released.

Saudi retreat from the postponement of Kuwait talks Yemen ... and delegations meet Saturday
Kerry holds my head «Ahrar al - Sham» and «Army of Islam» for negotiations to Moscow
Barre with Taif and the words of a final ... and war is accused of infiltrating the cellular extension of the
newspaper Bannaesahevh construction , she wrote , " The Americans did not disclose their role in committing Saudi Arabia to back down from the pressure to postpone the Kuwait talks of Yemen, the UN sources expressed satisfaction at the return bargaining to Kuwait delegations in preparation for returning Saturday to the talks, after Sanaa campaign that the Saudis wanted to postpone the talks to give them more opportunities failed, and her coronation at the Arab summit in Nouakchott pictures of a memorial and concluding statement of Mansoor Hadi devote his presidency, the US and pressure the premise of the need to speed up the calendar of the war on terrorism held by the US Secretary of State John Kerry to Moscow, based on recognizing the impossibility of organizing war plans on Daash in Mosul and Raqqa and Deir ez - Zor and Hasaka without a comprehensive understanding with Iran, paving his understanding with Moscow , but it does not eliminate the need for it and the impossibility of achieving this understanding while Saudi Arabia continues to escalate in Yemen, in Syria , Moscow plays a crucial role, but Iran and its ally Hezbollah counterbalanced by strength in every military move, and Iraq does not progress in the war without Iran.
lobbied Washington to Saudi Arabia, and blessed the Turkish U - turn toward Moscow, Frmmeltha toward Syria, to set the tempo, and packs Kerry his bags to Moscow, and his hand leaves, he knows that the desired process this time the answers to the two questions do not Ihtmlan maneuver and delay, progress in the Geneva negotiations calls for resolving the composition of the delegation negotiating to move to direct negotiations and progress in the war on «victory» for the balanced path of war between them and the «Daash». The issue in the two files is the fate of «Ahrar al - Sham» and «Army of Islam», and classed terrorism lists, or they came out of the positioning in the «victory» war, and Artdhaahma new rules of the game.
Kerry goes after it gave the signal the seriousness of the willing to bargain on the «Army of Islam» and « Ahrar al - Sham »the quoted him« the Washington Post »and went spokesman foreign spokesman John Kirby explained. The «Washington Post» has published a report stating that the US Secretary of State position of taking on increasingly looks like is consistent with Russia 's view of several armed groups fighting Syrian President Bashar al - Assad.
The paper that Kerry might accidentally «chance or by mistake», description «Army of Islam» and «Ahrar al - Sham» to «terrorist groups» Sub, so last month at a conference in Aspen , Colorado.
encounters Kerry in Moscow will continue today and withdraw the declaration of the Russian president said in front of the cameras he would investigate understanding dating on attainable is the US President Barack Obama they relate to telephone a few days ago.
Lebanese, Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri block the bids led by former Prime Minister Fouad Siniora against retreat national dialogue early next August and characterization Conference constituent to pounce on the Taif agreement, to confirm that adhere to this agreement and its implementation, in his speech in front of the emigrant economic conference, adding: We have no one else , although it is not the Koran or Bible text nor a house, and this is a final talk. While busy Cabinet cellular file , which topped the debates around the cabinet meeting yesterday, with what he called the ministers took part in the debate as «infiltration» from outside the law done by the Minister of Communications in preparation for the extension of the two companies Almchglten.
Total awaiting US approval
ended a visit by French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault in Beirut, begins motionless Director of Africa and Middle East Department in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs , Jerome Bonnafont again on the line of the Islamic Republic and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to put officials in foreign countries in an atmosphere of what led him to his meetings with the political forces. According to informed sources «constructive» «that Aareault did not achieve any breach in my presidency and the displaced, and went conclude that the Lebanese political situation is not ready for the presidential elections», saying that « the most serious encounter was with a delegation of Hezbollah». In the displaced file sources «confirmed that Aareault heard from Speaker Nabih Berri and Hezbollah delegation and Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil the same position the need to put pressure on the international community to resolve the IDP crisis and help Lebanon, unlike the mysterious position that he had heard of the future stream of growing crisis».
The sources pointed out «Aareault to put the oil file with stakeholders in Lebanon, expressing his country 's desire to help, Gamza of the role of Total in investment.» The sources pointed out «that the French visitors did not get any answer in this regard, especially that the Lebanese parties can not detail anything in this file without the consent of the United States and Russia, any positive breach in favor of the French quota is not immune to the approval of these two countries».
not refuse a Saudi or French or American Aoun president
assured the French ambassador Emmanuel Bonn yesterday, the «that France does not have the ability to negotiate on behalf of the Lebanese parties, but nonetheless talk with everyone , without exception , and we are trying to create the right conditions for Lebanon to be in a good position and the best». He pointed out in a television interview that France does not have all the keys and the means to solve the problems in Lebanon and the talks that start from Lebanon, because the rules of the game in the region has historically been changed and no longer possible to resort to overseas «Taif» or «Doha» to search for a solution, saying «that today there is no consensus in the region allows you wait for a consensus on Lebanon on behalf of the Lebanese people , and even the time I did not hear any Saudi permit or French or American General Aoun rejects president and approach the French from the very beginning was to get a settlement to allow for the election of a president for all Lebanese and form a government that represents the national unity ».
Berri summon correct Saudi relations
, the hope of parliament Speaker Nabih Berri that the « return of state institutions to play a legislative and executive role and the completion of all constitutional requirements and in the forefront of the election of the president of the Republic ». In another context, Berri pointed out that « the Taif Agreement , unlike the Koran and Bible, but there is no better now so we apply it .» He called in a speech during the second emigrant economy conference to «its full commitment and the final words». He stressed « the need to reconsider the laws that restrict financial transactions with reference to the lasting respect of the laws, provided it does not discriminate between Lebanese and any other nationality».
He said «warned previously been warning that Lebanon is located on the telescope Israeli correction», adding that «Israel» Alarmed by the financial and banking system and the Lebanese Samudahma »he continued , « sure victory for Lebanon in this economic war thanks to the steadfastness of his sons residents who are used to wars «Israel» terrorist ». The Berri «we are still summon specifically correct some Arab and Gulf relations, Saudi Arabia», calling for a «re - examine all laws that restrict the movement of the Lebanese capital and remittances from expatriate and business».
Saudi regime disrupts the presidency
welcomed the mass of Loyalty to the Resistance «oil understanding was recently at the domestic level, which would move the necessary preparatory measures to initiate practically run in this sector », hoping that« the government to take notice of procedural steps in this area so as not to be repeated grave sin that has been committed by the president of a previous government during the negotiations with Cyprus and the demarcation wrong coordinates the infiltration of which the enemy «Israeli» to pounce on an area of over 850 square kilometers of exclusive economic zone, which is not Lebanon continues through Speaker Nabih Berri, the parliament straining for saving her and install right where all the means and methods available ». still
in the context of presidential elections, blamed« bloc » the Saudi regime and the mass «future» for obstructing the presidential elections, and condemned all external interventions that dictate the choices of some parliamentary blocs opposed to the will of the vast majority of the Lebanese people ».
oil miss sessions and peace awaits Showing agreed upon
and away from the election , which was postponed to 27 this month , and hearing the law election of the Chairman to 8 August next, it will be next week , a government par excellence begins Monday financial session during which Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil completed Showing its financial report, followed by an ordinary session on Thursday to discuss the course of the Litani River pollution file, and approve what will be included from the items on the agenda, to hold a hearing in the twenty - seventh of July present to discuss cellular contracts and the internet illegal.
the oil file will not be the star hearings next Althelat prime government Tammam Salam, according to confirmed sources for «building», had not seen the substance of parliament Speaker Nabih Berri agreement the head of the free Patriotic Movement Gebran Bassil, to be in charge of the oil file ministerial Committee calls for a meeting, and show the prime minister « was surprised he did not receive any call from Speaker Berri or the Minister Basil to put it in the form of understanding winning».
war ... and the extension cell for my company
and saw the hearing yesterday undecided between Minister communications Boutros Harb on the one hand and a number of ministers , most notably as Minister FPM Gebran Bassil and Elias Bossab, and Minister Mohammad Fneish on the other. The Ministerial sources told «constructive» «that Communications Minister Boutros Harb wants extension cell for my company as a backlash of the Minister , Basil, he wants to re - tender and put other companies in the competition. He pointed Basil in the session to the incomes of the cellular declined $ 60 million due to the abolition of war , solo decision was taken to an era of former Telecommunications Minister Nicolas Sehnaoui, pointing out that the war violates the government 's decision earlier on the terms of the tender cytometry which led to the failure, saying that the extension of contracts and tender did not pass because book of conditions contrary to what was agreed upon in the Council of Ministers.
he's Minister Fneish «constructive» «that the debate between him and the minister of war centered on cellular tender and contrary to what the Minister of communications was approved by the Council of Ministers». Fneish and pointed out «that his position is based on the book of the conditions put to attract companies and the development of specifications does not limit the tender specified number», adding «that the dispute happened on this point, Vdfter conditions must be in accordance with the Fneish stipulates that it should be developed has provided service to at at least 10 million subscribers, over five consecutive years in addition to that it should not be no less than three million on a single network, while the minister of war cited in the book of conditions the last five years and this is contrary to the agreement , which did not specify the last five years as a condition for progress to the tender ». He pointed out «that our objection push the prime minister to postpone the matter to another hearing».
Furthermore, the Council of Ministers bit in its meeting yesterday, to postpone the cut check fines and the collection of some companies and banks requests for the creation of the Ministry of Finance to provide the Council with some additional information », as He has « to approve the draft decrees aimed at the transfer of funds from the reserve of the general budget to the budgets of some ministries for 2016 on the basis of the base twelve decimal.
Pakistanis in the vicinity of the Dutch embassy on
the other hand, gave the security of embassies device arrested a Pakistani was in the vicinity of the Dutch embassy in the Rizk Tower Ashrafieh Sassine in the area, and he filmed the embassy, ​​and referred to the investigation and confiscated the camera that was used and the investigation is under way. It is noteworthy that Pakistan signed and broke his leg when he tried to escape from the security forces.