Japan allocated seven million dollars to help Iraq's children, UNICEF emphasizes the need for 170 million.

2016/07/14 17:18


The United Nations revealed Thursday the Japanese Government about seven million dollars in "urgent" grant to provide services and create schools for displaced children in Iraq, with the country's worsening outweighed by improved, stressed the need for about $ 170 million to continue its programme of emergency relief and other assistance through the year 2016.

The representative of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) in Iraq, Peter Hawkins, in a statement obtained by (long press), that "the Japanese Government offered seven million dollars as a grant to the organization acted over 12 months to create and rehabilitate 40 schools and increase drinking water services and sanitation with improved health-care services for children", stating that "generous Japanese support came at a critical time for the organization being in dire need of help."

Hawkins said that "Iraq has become one of the most dangerous places in the world for children", "likely situation in Iraq worse before it gets better."

Internationalist official stressed that "the Japanese grant to the Organization would allow it to continue to implement and expand programmes of urgent humanitarian aid and help to ensure a safe life for children and provide an opportunity to grow to be productive in the future."

UNICEF noted in a statement that "the Japanese donation came at a critical time when the abandonment of more than 3 million people forcibly displaced during the past two years, a sign that" more than 10 million people in Iraq, half of them children, in desperate need of urgent humanitarian assistance with expectations increase this number next year with fighting continuing and increasing the intensity and number of other displaced families.

The organization stressed, it's "need for about $ 170 million to continue its programme of emergency relief and other assistance for the 2016 now."

The Japanese Ambassador in Iraq, Fumio Iwai, said in an interview to (range), (31 March 2016), that Tokyo is funding projects of camps for displaced people in Dohuk, Baghdad, Missan, stating that his country had made to Iraq 220 million dollars to help the displaced people since the beginning of the exodus in 2014, until now.