Frankincense calls for financial and labor ministries to speed regardless of social protection network salaries

The head of the independent parliamentary bloc honest frankincense, Thursday, finance ministries and work to speed up overdue salaries of social protection network two months ago.
He said chewing gum in a statement, "We are a government of technocrats Nanah to bother the interests of citizens, and a slice of the poor in particular and employs all Amknyatea in order to alleviate the suffering of the citizen, not be a government increase in the suffering of the poor and unknown vague reasons".
He frankincense, that " the delay in salary and beneficiaries of social protection network for more than two months, is considered a disaster for the poor citizen Persisting to harm him and to increase his suffering , " calling "the Ministries of Finance and speed up work regardless entitlements of beneficiaries of social protection network."