15 killed Daashaa northern Ramadi

The commander of the Anbar Operations Maj . Gen. Ismail Mahlawi, on Thursday, killing 15 of the "Daash" pounding northern Ramadi, while pointing to dismantle the bomb wheel and handle 42 of an explosive device south and west of Fallujah.
Mahlawi said in an interview, " The airline Air Force, in coordination with the bombing of Anbar operations den of terrorists in the north of Albu - Thiyab area north of Ramadi, and destroying and killing 15 terrorists in it."
He Mahlawi, that " the strength of the engineering effort eighth for the band was able to handle the wheel after bomb found in Albuaavan area south of Fallujah , " pointing out that " it was dismantled and handle 42 of an explosive device in Fallujah , west of peasant zone."