Assad: My relationship with Putin, transparent, fair and based on mutual respect

Syrian President Bashar al - Assad described his relationship with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin as transparent and fair relationship based on mutual respect.

Assad in an interview with the channel , " the MSNBC" America, pointing out that the Russian operations in Syria , "led to a decline in terrorism.

He said the Syrian president, saying that "before, and throughout the US intervention and the intervention of allies illegal, was" Daash "expands and terrorism expand and take over new areas in Syria. They are not serious. Thus, I can not say that I welcome not to their seriousness and their presence is legitimate Syria".

Bashar al - Assad criticized US politicians, saying that Trump likely Republican nominee, as well as current President Barack Obama and his predecessors, such as George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, were not they have any experience, pointing out that this is a problem in the United States.

Assad added that the United States should be "looking for a statesman who has real experience in politics for years, not based on his work for the post in Congress for a few years, or a foreign minister, for example , for being. This does not mean having to experience. Statesman should possess experience much more. therefore we do not believe that most of the presidents of the United States , they have a good experience in politics. "

The Syrian president stressed that the end of the Obama presidency does not mean anything for Syria, because talking about a change in management, not in Washington 's policy.

"In Syria we did not bet on the left nor on who comes from US presidents."