Iran summons Musharraf auspices of the Egyptian Interest Section

President of the first district of the Middle East and North Africa at the Foreign Ministry of Iran Wednesday, Musharraf summoned the Egyptian interests office in Tehran, in the wake of the participation of a number of Egyptian MPs a forum clique "create" a terrorist in Paris.
He informed the head of the department , Hamid Reza Dehghani, Musharraf Egyptian interests office, protest Tehran 's strong rhetoric on this Egyptian interventional procedure and its support for the creation of a terrorist group.
Dehghani and pointed to the participation of a number of Egyptian MPs in this forum and support for these terrorist clique considering it an interference in Iran 's internal affairs , denounced the move , saying: Expected Egyptian officials to take principled and responsible policies to maintain calm and stability in the region.
For his part, Musharraf Egyptian interests office in Tehran, the Cairo - based non - interference in the internal affairs of states policy, and that he would convey the protest of the Islamic Republic of Iran to his country 's authorities.