Basra is open to companies and Amsterdam, the Dutch are talking about honorary consulate

Wednesday 13-07-2016 | 4:43:32

Twilight News / Search Committee Chairman oil and gas in the Basra Governorate Council jurist Ali Shaddad jockey with the Dutch ambassador to Iraq, Jan Hendrik Valtmans during his visit to the city of Basra, the prospects of mutual cooperation and activating the economic, service and investment aspects.

Knight said in an interview with Lord of Twilight News, that the local government had invited the Dutch companies to enter the province of Basra and see the reality in which the investment, "he said, adding" that the province possesses many of the ingredients for success, especially in the field of energy. "

He called Knight Dutch ambassador "to guide the Dutch oil companies operating in the city of Basra, the importance of opening up to the community and strengthen relations with citizens by building the capacity of young people and brought into the training sessions to acquire the professions that enable them to get jobs, pointing out that" the Commission on oil and gas Basra Governorate Council will do its utmost to work with all companies wishing to invest capabilities of young researchers to work and assist them in the areas of development training. "

For his part, the Dutch ambassador in Iraq, "Jan Hendrik Valtmans" announced his country's desire to open honorary consulate in Basra province in the coming days, noting that "this consulate will increase the opportunities for joint cooperation and trade exchange between Basra and the Netherlands."

"The Netherlands has a great desire to help Iraq and the introduction of investment subsidiaries to work in the city of Basra," pointing out that "the two modes of security and investment in the city of Basra encourage international companies to enter the province and investment in the energy sector and the rest of other areas.