Trade: straight grain manufacturing company branch in Anbar coin

2016-07-13 at 12:09

Baghdad scales news

The General company for grain processing in the Ministry of Commerce, Wednesday, straight branch company in Anbar province in the new conservative mill site.

Branch Manager, said alabenar Kamal Mohammed Saleh in a statement/balance news/copy, "the management section at the direction the Secretary of Commerce and Director of the company started its new location after completion of the maintenance and rehabilitation of the building Department Government grain mill neighbouring Anbar lsailo in grey.

The statement added that "the new headquarters to review flour agents cut their rations of flour for the month of June as centers that have been activated and are grey woollen Centre and quoted as saying that the pitch and White maize and leap and humid, add to safe areas in Amiriyah Fallujah and khaldiyah and meet walnkhib walrhalih".

And, that "pieces will be on schedule by region", pointing out that "in the event that the agent has access to cutting centres can hire anyone via the notary for the purpose of blocks and receipt.