Parliamentary Human Rights plans to host Zamili advisers infallible

Announced that a member of the Commission on Human Rights Parliamentary dry longings, Wednesday, for the determination of the Commission to host the Minister of Justice and Adviser to the President, warning convulsive statements and accusations that "some of them are not based on the basis of " in this regard, as pointed to the existence of unambiguous information on the subject of the ratification of death sentences .

She said dry in a statement, " The committee Out of competence decided to host the Minister of Justice Haider Zamili with Adviser to the President Khalid Huani and Prince Kanani , " adding that " the committee had hosted the Adviser to the President in the previous period and provided a detailed descriptive matter of the conduct of the ratification of the provisions of penalty and studies of files and then give their opinion to the president for approval, and stressed that there is no delay, as the Ministry of Justice says it carried out the death sentences against the terrorists. "

She Dry, "was assigned to the Commission to contact the Minister of Justice and Adviser to the President to determine the date of hosting, and will announce the date and time of hosting to all members of parliament to give them the opportunity to attend," she said , " a tiger in the circumstance requires all MPs to unite and be a positive factor in the fairness with victims instead the convulsive statements and accusations , some of which are not based on the basis of . "

He stressed dry, that "the Human Rights Commission is keen on the rights of families of the victims, so the host minister and advisers come to illustrate the fact that there ratify death orders have not been implemented or have not been approved with an explanation of the reasons and find out the real number of terrorist suspects and the reasons for non - implementation of the death sentences against them," He confirmed "the presence of unambiguous information in this regard."

Dry confirmed, that " the hosting that you should be in the presence of the parties and the Minister of Justice and Adviser to the President will announce

a full report in front of the Presidency and the information of the results of divisions