Two suicide bombers killed in the "Albu Faraj" north of Ramadi

A source at the National Security, Wednesday, that the two bombers elements "Daash" criminal killed in Albu Faraj region north of Ramadi.
The source said that "security force and based on intelligence information from the National Security managed to kill two suicide bombers who tried to infiltrate into the north of the city of Ramadi Alibovraj area."
The source added that "suicide bombers tried to target the military units of the detent Alibovraj land in the region , " stressing that " the security forces controlled fully in those areas after the provisions of the entrances and exits of the liberated areas."
The security forces managed to free dozens of towns and villages in Al - Anbar , the last editor of Fallujah process that broke the Daash criminal, and led to its collapse completely.