Asadi: ratification of the Criminal Procedure required the implementation of Justice executions immediately

MP for the Reform Front , Adnan al - Asadi, Wednesday, that the Presidency approval to amend the Code of Criminal Procedure required the Ministry of Justice to speed up the implementation of the provisions of executions of those sentenced to death immediately, calling on the ministry to the execution of criminals when my Karrada and Mr. Mohammed Sadr City.
Asadi said in a statement, " The Minister of Justice and the pillars of his ministry , demanding the implementation of death sentences against criminals , terrorists of Al - Qaeda and criminal Daash in Karrada bombing and the bombing site in the country , Mr. Mohamed site in Oraiba market bombing in Sadr City site."
He added that "obstacles and reasons that were impeding the implementation of death sentences have been removed the day after the President of the Republic ratify the Act to amend the Criminal Procedure under which no right to these criminals application for a retrial but for once will be the legal responsibility of the Minister of Justice and the pillars of the ministry in the case of delayed execution after removing obstacle that delays the executions. "
He called al - Asadi "President Fuad Masum accounting caused the delay in the ratification of the law for a period of nearly a year and hold them accountable for the delay in implementation of not achieving deterrence of crime."
And ratified the Presidency, yesterday, a law amending the Code of Criminal Procedure, in the face of President Fuad Masum , to investigate the delay in implementing it, after receiving a presidential significant criticism for the delay to ratify the death sentences against terrorists.