United Nations: the CIA produced Daash

He Sdn United Nations Jeffrey Sachs , director of solutions, and that the CIA was behind the production of "Daash" criminal by arming and training extremists for a long time.
Sachs said in an article published on the "Project Syndicate", said that " the continued survival of Daash confirms three flaws mar US foreign policy, as well as tactical fatal flaw."
He Sachs defects , saying, "First, I did not pursue the neo - conservatives to impose the hegemony of the United States through regime change only a form of arrogance bloodthirsty, but it was also a manifestation of hyper - imperial sprawl classic, The B this endeavor failure where the United States tried its implementation, Syria and Libya was only the latest examples of failure. "
And continued , "Secondly, it has been the CIA for a long time on the arming and training extremists through covert operations, and in turn , those produced Daash which was a direct result, albeit unexpected policies pursued by the Central Intelligence Agency and its partners