Zarif: We believe Bslmah take advantage of the sea and away from the competition armament

Said Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif , Iran 's positions on the transparency of peaceful utilization of the sea and away from the armament competition and ensure that the use of military force in relations between member countries.
Zarif said, in a speech at a meeting of foreign ministers of the Caspian countries in Astana , capital of Kazakhstan on Wednesday, the twenty years since the first meeting of foreign ministers of countries bordering on the Caspian Sea in Ashgabat and the decision to raise the level of preparation of legal regime of the sea negotiations.
He added, that despite two decades of negotiations , which was marred by a lot of volatility Maaakd difficulties and complexities and complexity associated with multiple threads Caspian parties except the passage of the expiration of the time and the various developments did not diminish its importance.
He expressed his delight to accomplish effective and focused negotiations after the ministerial meeting and summit in Astrakhan and achieve new areas of the completed agreements , but it should be recognized that complete agreement on some matters still is not verified yet.
Legal regime of the Caspian Sea and described the comprehensive document , which defines the rights and responsibilities and the foundations of cooperation activities between the coastal countries.
He stressed the need for the need for more precision and depth in the negotiations, saying that the common understanding that touch in the negotiations to pay more optimistic about achieving results for understanding.