Security force pursuing a gang of car theft in Basra

A security source in Basra province, Wednesday, that the joint security force chased in the district of Abu Fertile accused of stealing cars, while seized two cars stolen and the accused fled away.
The source said in an interview, " The joint security force of the Directorate of Intelligence and counter - terrorism regiment police emergency sixth and the Directorate of combating crime has ambushed in located within the district of Abu Fertile defendants Albahadrah area make up a specialized gang stealing cars , " noting that " the force surrounded the suspects in the area agricultural, what forced them to dismounting from their vehicles and flee toward groves of palm contain no roads for the passage of cars. "
The source , who requested anonymity , that " the security force seized two cars of two recent stolen possession of the gang, was also able to find out the identities of all its members and their addresses," adding that "power has subsequently raided the homes of the accused, and attempts to arrest them still continuing."